Indianapolis/Lafayette Circuit Series 2019

Indianapolis Lafayette Circuit Overall Standings January-February!

Indianapolis and Lafayette pinball players are uniting for a friendly pinball competition in 2019. Each city will host two monthly tournaments at different locations that count towards the series standings. The format will be a 4-strikes tournament played in groups of 4, with a strike being awarded to the two lowest finishers in each group. On the occasion that we have a 3 player group only the person coming in last will receive a strike. The entry fee for all tournaments will be $1 to cover the IFPA tournament fee. Finishing first in an event will earn you 100 Circuit Series Standing Points, second 99 points, third 98 points, and so on down the line. On June 30th we will have the 1st Circuit Series Final to crown a champion for the first 6 months of competition (24 qualifying events), and December 29th we will have our 2nd Circuit Series Final (again 24 qualifying events). The location and times of those events will be announced at a later date.

  • Indianapolis Locations:
    • Fountain Square Brewery -1st Sunday of every month- Eric Fear
    • Tappers- 2nd Sunday of every month-¬† Eric Fear
  • Lafayette Locations:
    • Main Street Amusements – 3rd Sunday of every month – Tom Vandenberg
    • North End Pub – 4th Sunday of every month – Tommy Skinner