Lafayette Pinball “Super-Selfie” League

“Super-Selfie” League is a separate from our traditional Tuesday night league that meets at a scheduled time. The advantage to the super league format is that players can play anytime that works with their schedules.

Every month there will be 5 games that are part of the “Super-Selfie” League. Players need to follow just three easy steps to become part of the league. The “Super-Selfie” League is rung through Match Play Events. You can sign up for your own account, and once registered for the tournament you will be able to enter your own scores along with uploading the picture of the score to be approved by the director.


  1. Play the games.
  2. Take a “Selfie” with score visible (We also accept just a picture of the score if you aren’t comfortable with taking or being in a selfie)
  3. E-mail to or text to 574-596-2668



The “Super-Selfie” League will run from the 1st – last day of each month for qualifying. The finals will be played the first Wednesday of the following month at 7:30 PM at Main Street Amusements.  More detailed information about the finals can be found on the IFPA Website here. The Finals are played in groups of four across five games. We use Pinburgh scoring of 3,2,1, & 0. Winner is player with most points after five games. Tie-breakers are decided on a game selected by highest seeded player in the tie. Please feel free to contact with any other questions.