2nd Annual Indiana Matchplay State Championship 2019

Timeline of Champions

2nd annual Indiana matchplay state championshipship


The 2nd Annual Indiana Matchplay State Championship will be held in Lafayette, IN on Sunday, December 15th, 2019 at North End Pub. There are 40 spots available and ticket sales open up November 6th, the reservation is free but there will be a $20 entry fee at the door. Free Entry for current Indiana State Champion Andy “The Real Dill” Dill!

In the first round, all players will be grouped by seed (IFPA Ranking) into 10 groups of 4 players. Each group of 4 players will compete on 4 different machines, with the highest-seeded player given choice of playing order on the first machine, in the following games player order is chosen by reverse finishing position. At the end of the 4-game round, 2 players will advance out of each group into the second round, which will function similarly to the first, players will be seeded by points earned in the first round with ties being broken by original seeding. Any ties between players to advance from 1st to second round will be played on a randomly selected machine.

At the start of the third round, the remaining 10 players will be placed in a ladder-style bracket seeded based on their accumulative points from the first two rounds, tiebreakers will be broken by IFPA rank if needed. The bottom 4 players will compete in a single game, with the lowest scoring player being removed from the contest and replaced by the next highest seed. When only 2 players remain, they will compete in the best two-games-out-of-three series to determine the Indiana State Matchplay Pinball Champion.

There will be a $20 cash entry fee for the tournament. Tickets can be reserved starting November 6th, 2019. 75% of the entry fee is going into the cash prize pool for the top 4 finishers ($300, $150, $100, $50), 20% ($50 rd 1, $50 rd 2, $50 rd 3, $10 to last place) of the entry fee will be awarded in random drawings at the conclusion of each round, and 5% ($40) will cover the IFPA fee.

The Championship Belt will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. The title DOES NOT┬ábecome the permanent property of the winner. The purpose and goal for the title is that it serves as a legitimate traveling title within the state of Indiana. It must be defended within the state every month. If the winner is unable to perform their champion’s duty it is asked that they gracefully forfeit the title. Their name will still be engraved upon the belt as the inaugural champion. More rules and stipulations to the Indiana State Matchplay Championship can be read here.