Indiana State Pinball Championship 2018

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Indiana State Pinball Championship will be held in Lafayette, IN on December 16th, 2018. There are 40 spots available. Tickets open up December 1st.

In the first round, all players will be grouped by seed (IFPA Ranking) into 10 groups of 4 players. Each group of 4 players will compete on 4 different machines, with the highest seeded player given the choice of choosing the game to be played or determining the order of play. At the end of the 4-game round, 2 players will advance out of each group into the second round, which will function similarly to the first.

At the start of the third round, the remaining 10 players will be placed in a ladder-style bracket based on their original seeds. The bottom 4 players will compete in a single game, with the lowest scoring player being removed from the contest and replaced by the next highest seed. When only 2 players remain, they will compete in a best two-games-out-of-three series to determine the Indiana State Pinball Champion.