The Indiana Matchplay Champion

I just want to clear up any confusion with the Indiana Matchplay Championships being held on December 16th, 2018 at North End Pub.

Matchplay State Champion Belt


  1. Is this an IFPA Tournament?
    • This is an IFPA sanctioned event this year meaning anyone can come and play with the exception of following Indiana state law and since it is in a bar no players under 21 can attend unfortunately. My hope is that we largely keep it to Indiana players this year, if not I will likely not sanction it via the IFPA next year and instead make it an invite-only event for players who live in the state.
  2. Is the winner really a/the State Champion?
    • They are the State Champion in my eyes, and whoever else wants to participate in the championship fun, but there is no pinball governing body that is going to recognize this title. Do I hope that some other states get in on the fun and copy what we do, sure why not? Do I think any official pinball organization is going to want to be a part of this loosely ruled title, absolutely not. Let’s just have some fun with it.
  3. Is there really a Championship Belt?
    • The winner will be presented with a Championship Belt. I have designed this and ordered it. Fingers are crossed it gets delivered in time. The idea behind this is combining two of my interests in pinball and professional wrestling.
  4. If I win do I get to keep the belt forever?!
    • No! The belt DOES NOT become the permanent property of the winner. My idea is that the belt is a championship that must be defended. My goal is that the belt travels around the state, being won and lost on a regular basis, and becomes something fun for all of Indiana pinball players to share in.
  5. Does the winner get anything other than a temporary run with the title?
    • The winner of the tournament on December 16th is given free entry to the tournament next year, additionally the current title holder when the event rolls around next year is also given free entry to the tournament. In the event that the current title holder at the time cannot attend the tournament, they will forfeit the title at such time. They will also receive 50% of the prize pool.
    • Additionally, a Facebook Page and an Instagram account are being made for the Champion. Whoever wins the championship will then be given access to those accounts so they can keep players around the state updated on their title reign.
  6. How does the Champion defend the title?
    • The champion must make at least one title defense every calendar month.
    • The title can be defended in any public place with a pinball machine.
    • The title can be defended in something as simple as a head to head game.
      • A person can simply ask to challenge the champion for the belt. The champion can, of course, turn down the challenger, or they may accept.
      • This will be best organized if the person who is champion uses our social media to wisely advertise things like when they will be playing and where, and that they are looking to defend the title etc.
      • Most importantly this is supposed to be fun.
    • The title can also be defended in more complicated ways, some examples below.
      • Handicap Match: 2 players scores are combined against the champion. If their scores combined beat the champion, the higher scoring individual of the two players who challenged is declared the new champion.
      • Fatal Four-Way: A four player game, the highest score is the winner and declared the champion.
      • Tommy Match: The belt is rested across the playfield glass blocking the view of the flippers (the player is now playing blind like Tommy from The Who song). The highest score is declared the champion.
      • Tournament: The Champion can simply put the title on the line in any tournament they are playing in. If the title is won by an out of state player they are to be informed of the rules of defending the title within the state of Indiana within the calendar month. If they can not do this they are asked to forfeit the title. Most recommended for smaller local tournaments.
      • One Hand Challenge: The players may only use one hand to play. They may choose to switch which hand they are using between balls.
      • Best 2 out of 3: This one is pretty self-explanatory, whoever wins 2 out of 3 games is the champion.
      • Have an idea of a fun way to defend the title share it with the group


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