Team League, Schedule, and Standings

Looking for a new social way to play some pinball? Join Jerilee’s Pinball Team League! Coming January/February 2018!


What is team pinball you ask? Well at this point it is an experiment, but we have a rough outline of how this will all go down. Starting off you will need a few friends to form a team, like at least 2 of them, maybe even a few more because team sizes have a minimum of 3 players, and a maximum of 5 players. Please see the schedule below to ensure you & your team can commit to participation.


1/18/18 Week 1

1/25/18 Week 2

2/1/18 Week 3

2/8/18 Week 4

2/15/18 Week 5



You’re also going to come up with a sweet team name, something that either strikes fear into your opponents or makes them laugh until they pee themselves.

tyson laugh

This league’s focus is far more about being social with your friends, trash talking your enemies, and getting better at pinball while having lots of fun than being overly serious about pinball….and probably lots of drinks.


Coaching your teammates is not only allowed but strongly encouraged.


Victory dances/poses are borderline mandatory, and drinking out of the Champions Cup at the end of the season is expected.


Each week your team will face another team through four rounds of competition.

Round 1: Singles Play, each team will select one representative to do battle on a machine. The winner of the game earns 1 team point. This round is repeated so 2 team points are possible.

Round 2: Doubles Play, each team will select two representatives to do battle on a machine. Each team will add their scores up from their two players, the winning team earns 2 team points.

Round 3: Split Flipper Play, each team will select two representatives to do battle on a machine. One player controls the left flipper, the other controls the right flipper. Players may switch sides between each ball if they wish. Winning team earns 2 team points.

Round 4: The Relay Race, each team selects three representatives to do battle on a machine. Each chosen player only plays one of the three balls (on a 5 ball game only the first 3 balls will be scored), the winning team receives 3 team points.

Whichever team has more points at the end earns the victory for the week!

Once all teams have faced each other we will have a finals night where the #1 & #2 team battle for the championship, and so on down the line.

If you are interested in forming a team and playing please sign up below!