I wake up on Thursdays and I just feel like Jesse Spano in Saved by the Bell talking about I’m So Excited! Then I don’t OD on caffeine pills and instead just stay excited and don’t get scared because I get to hang out with friends and play pinball! WOOOOO!

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So anyway…. Here are the updated league standings with the full results from Week 2 in there!

PlayerTotal PointsWeeks PlayedWeekly Avg.
Michael Alexander24124
Rick Dunkin46223
Tommy Skinner44222
Keith Alyea44222
Matt Peace22122
Casey Taylor36218
Collin Fiol34217
Christina Wilson34217
Kevin Kolodziej34217
Danielle Alexander32216
Sam Taylor30215
John Hawxby30215
Mark Uncapher28214
Brett Maxwell28214
Ryan Garriott26213
Dan Trapp26213
Scott Wiedenhoeft26213
Brayton Businger10110
Julia LaLopa818
Macy Smith1427
Here are the standings broken down by weekly average points which we will use for groupings.

If you aren’t going to be there tonight and want to play your make up games please reach out to me today via facebook, text, or email tsskinne@gmail.com to let me know your intentions to play and what game you want to pick so I get you into the right group with your game choice! Thanks everyone, see y’all tonight!

FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY! League Tomorrow at 8:30PM!

It’s the best day of the week! Free Play pinball down at North End Pub and don’t forget we still have some of the best and newest machines around for play on our free play nights at very reasonable pricing! Speaking of which we are still one of only a handful of places in the entire world right now where you can play Halloween! On top of that yesterday Stern Pinball announced their newest game, Godzilla! We should have ours before the end of the month so get ready for some city destruction and monster battles! Also we have league tomorrow night! I know several people plan to be gone for a concert which is no big deal, if you want to play make up games please let me know so I can still get you put into a group and also let me know your game choice so I can let the group know! Thanks!

New Month, New Pinquests!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a new month means a new chance to earn QuestBux down at North End Pub! We have three different levels of challenges for the month, plus you can play in league and do a simple check-in task each week to earn an extra 100 QuestBux, and this season we are going to feature special Thursday night league only challenges as well! Here is the link to our September Pinquest!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Silverball Swag Shop were you can purchase some of our sweet t-shirts and other stuff! You can also use those QuestBux via the Pinquest app to purchase items as well! We have another new design in the works coming very soon!

North End Pub Shark and Bear - 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
North End Pub RWB - Premium T-Shirt


The title says it all! Pinball league is back this Thursday and we are looking forward to another epicly fun season! We should even have a few new games arriving at some point during the season we suspect! Anyone is welcome to come and play. We will get started at about 8:30PM, if you want to play but can’t make it that night let me know and we can get you assigned to a group so you can do your make up games the following Monday night. Hope to see all your smiling faces on Thursday night!


It’s Wednesday so you know what that means! It’s the best day of the week, FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY at North End Pub!

Free Play (@FreePlay) | Twitter

The best time of the week to come down and learn a new machine, or to get some practice in before our next league season kicks off on Thursday, September 2nd! No cost to join, and anyone is welcome so bring some friends!

Special PinQuest Challenge! 1 Night Only!

That’s right, even though we don’t have league tonight that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to bring you something special to do down at North End Pub! Tonight only Enter Your Initials on any modern machine down there for any high score level or achievement and you will win 100 QuestBux! That means you can be a grand champion or you can simply achieve something like the most loops on The Shadow and still win the prize!


Also don’t forget double trouble this Sunday as we have TWO Tournaments in one day!

Pinball League is back on September 2nd at 8:30 PM!

Free Play Wednesday! Mandalorian Launch Party and Monthly 4-Strikes Sunday!

Get down to North End Pub tonight for Free Play Wednesday! 10 machines on free play, and 10+ more you can still pump coins into! I encourage you to get all your practice in on The Mandalorian because this Sunday we have our Launch Party! The doors will open at noon, and we will start the Flip Frenzy Qualifying at 12:30. The top 4 players from the Flip Frenzy will meet in the finals on Mando to declare a champion and award prizes! The Launch Party will immediately be followed up by our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament! Both events are IFPA Sanctioned which means WPPR Points!