Too Sweet Tuesdays! Coming in Two Weeks!

too sweet Tuedays flyerSTARTS NOVEMBER 5th!

Two weeks from today we are kicking off Too Sweet Tuesdays! What is that you ask? Well, it is quite simple, its a Flipper Frenzy pinball tournament running from 7:00-8:30 PM on Tuesday nights at Market Square Lanes! Why not in the North End Pub where we always have our tournaments? Well, let me answer that question for you. We have expanded to having 10+ machines in Market Square Lanes now and most importantly by hosting it on that side of the business, we can make our Tuesday night events open to all ages! So any of you who have some kids you want to get out of the house and playing/ doing something where they have to interact with other humans this is a great opportunity! Also, it gives us a chance to show pinball to some people in a new environment as well. The games on that side of the building are Bobby Orr’s Power Play, World Cup Soccer, Monopoly, Indianapolis 500, Flintstones, Star Wars, Baywatch, Dale Jr. Nascar, Judge Dredd, and WWF Royal Rumble. There will be no entry fee required just the coin drop. The format will keep us moving and playing for the whole 90 minutes and you know exactly how much time you will be committing to the event unlike many of our other formats. I’d estimate it will cost $5-$8 in coin drop for the tournament as all games will be set to $.25 or $.50 cents, and we should be able to get everyone 10-15 games in a night. The winner will be the person with the best win/loss difference and we will have prizes for 1st and last place! After the tournament feel free to stick around and get in some practice or to head to the bar to try out our amazing lineup in there as well.


Special Tournament on Sunday!

Hey everyone! I know we are all about having a good time when it comes to playing pinball at North End Pub. We also like to be about helping a good cause. This Sunday we are going to be raising the tournament entry fee to $5 instead of our typical $1 dollar because we will be raising money for Power of the PursePower of the Purse is a fundraising campaign that spans almost the entirety of October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. YWCA’s Domestic Violence Intervention & Prevention Program provides life-saving services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in six Indiana counties (Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Tippecanoe, Warren, and White). Services include emergency shelter, legal advocacy, case management, support groups, financial assistance and more. In addition to 100% of the entry fee for the tournament being donated, we will also be donating all of the coin-drop from the tournament on Sunday to the cause as well so please feel free to show up early and stay late as all your pinball fun will be helping a great cause this weekend. I hope to see a ton of you there on Sunday!

Oh, and we have completed our pinball expansion and North End Pub and Market Square Lanes now boasting a lineup of over 20 machines with the most recent additions being Dolly Parton, Bobby Orr’s Power Play, and The Flintstones!

A picture of a purse against a purple background, white letters across the purse read "Power of the Purse"


Don’t forget we have League Night tonight at 8:30 North End Pub! The standings are super close and we only have 3 weeks left! Remember finals this season are in town hosted by our friends over at Main Street Amusements. Right now it is looking like we should get 3 or 4 players to qualify for finals so make sure you are showing up and encouraging your friends to come and play to help us secure those spots for our location in the finals.

See everyone tonight and don’t forget to check out Jurassic Park with the new and updated code on it!


Make-Up Monday!

If you missed out last Thursday tonight is your chance for redemption! Get down to North End Pub around 8 PM to get your league games in from last week! Also Godzilla has finished being shopped out with all new LEDs, rubbers, and flippers rebuilt it is playing awesome as is Dracula. Those are two of the three selfie games this month so make sure you check them out. The last selfie game is America’s Most Haunted as we felt it was most appropriate for October!

See all you slackers tonight!


League Night @ 8:30 and NEW PINQUEST Challenges for October!

Oh you know it’s your favorite day of the week as we hit week 5 of our fall season get down to North End Pub and play in the pinball league! Anyone is still welcome to come and join for the second half of the season. Free to join and only costs a could of dollars in quarters to play the games on league night.


Also, remember we always have Pinquests running at our location! It’s a new month, and we have added lots of new machines to the bar so we figured why not have some new challenges.

  1. Do Not Pass GO! – Monopoly – The challenge is to score 6 million points. If you do log in to your Pinquest account, snap a picture of your score, and win a monopoly piece and be entered into a drawing to win an actual Monopoly game at the end of the month! – This challenge is live starting on October 3rd! mr monopoly.jpg
  2. Size Does Matter! – Godzilla – The challenge is to score 200,000,000 points! Yes, this is a fairly tough challenge, but you win an awesome Godzilla Egg that contains an action figure and enters you into a drawing to win a Blu-ray copy of the 1998 Godzilla film that the pinball machine is based on! This challenge is limited to only 10 winners, once the eggs are gone they are gone and we will draw the winner from those names! Godzilla egg.jpg
  3. Love Never Dies!- Bram Stoker’s Dracula (BSD) – The challenge is to score 75,000,000 points and if you do win a sweet Halloween sticker as my favorite holiday and season is upon us!                                                                                             halloween stickers
  4. As always we are still running our Get Dat Pizza Challenge on Iron Maiden, Prospector, and Flash Gordon. You can also still win stickers on the Jurassic Park and Fish Tales challenges as well. Come and check it out!

Ha, Ha, HALLOWEEN is coming!!! October Selfie Tournament begins today! Flipper Frenzy tournament Wednesday 6 PM! FREE!

Halloween season is upon us and we are celebrating at North End Pub pinball by bringing you ghosts, vampires, and monsters! The October selfie games are America’s Most Haunted, Bram Stroker’s Dracula, and Godzilla! AMH and Godzilla are at the bar, and BSD will be making its way down there tonight. Put up as many scores on the games as you can all month long for a chance to play in the finals the first Monday of November.

Here are some tips for Godzilla and Dracula.

Also remember that Wednesday night we will have a short flipper frenzy tournament before the debut of AEW Dynamite on TNT, the tourney will start at 6 PM and end right at 8PM so we can watch the entire show!!


Lastly, see everyone at league on Thursday! 8:30 PM start time like usual!