Free Play Wednesday! League Standings! League tomorrow 8:30PM Anyone is welcome!

It’s Wednesday so you know that that means….Free Play at North End Pub! Come get in some practice so you can join our league that plays on Thursday nights! We just started last week and anyone is welcome to participate. We only play for 8 weeks and your two lowest weeks get dropped from the standings anyway so you haven’t missed out on anything yet. Free to join, and just cost a couple of dollars in quarters to play the games each week.

Here are the current standings after week 1!

FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY! League Starts Tomorrow!

It’s Wednesday and you know that that means….


Pinball Instruction & Pricing Cards at

Don’t forget that our next season of league kicks off tomorrow night! 8:30 and everyone is welcome to come and play! It’s a fun, laid back, casual league and it is free to join, just need a few quarters for the games each week. The season last 8 weeks and your best 6 count towards the final standings. See you all tomorrow!

Reminder PINBALL LEAGUE Starts Thursday! Monthly Tournament is Sunday, April 25th at 3PM!

The spring season is upon us and that means warm days, and cool nights down at North End Pub on Thursdays bringing you that Hot Pinball Action! League starts at 8:30 PM on Thursdays and anyone is welcome to come and join us.

Near-Mint Siren Frame Topper: Williams High Speed Backbox Hot Action Pinball  | #416143369

April’s monthly tournament will be held on the Sunday the 25th with a 3PM start time. We hope to see a lot of you there ready to play!

Thank You! New Pinball League Season Starts Thursday Night!

A big thank you to everyone who came out to the Jersey Jack Pinball Guns N’ Roses Launch Party yesterday! Congrats to Bob on winning, Ryan coming in as runner up, and Tom finishing in 3rd! I hope everyone had a good time. If you wanted to see any of your gameplay it is available on Twitch right now, and is currently being uploaded to YouTube as well.

Don’t forget this Thursday we are starting our Spring Season of Pinball League up and anyone can come and join so we hope to see several of you there!

Thank You! Spring Season Announced!

I just wanted to give everyone a huge thank you for coming out and playing in our pinball league this past season! I hope everyone had a good time and is looking forward to more pinball in the near future. Here are the final standings for this season. They were calculated by using your best 6 weeks from the regular season, and adding in a point for every victory you had last night during the flipper frenzy finals.

Also, mark your calendars down as we get ready to launch our Spring Season as well! Starting Thursday, April 8th at 8:30 PM as per usual! Hopefully throughout this upcoming season we will see restrictions reduced, and more vaccines available to everyone, but until we have solid word on those things happening plan to still come masked up and ready to flip! I’m bored at work so I did some editing for a flyer for the upcoming league, feel free to share! The Spring Season will run from April 8th – May 27th, with finals landing after Memorial Day on June 3rd! There is also a good chance we are going to have some North End Pub Pinball Merchandise available to order thanks to Rick this upcoming season, we will update you soon on that as well!

Don’t forget we have the NBA Jam Tournament on March 21st, and our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament on March 28th so lots of upcoming activities! See you all very soon!

League Finals Tonight! North End Pub! Starting as close to 8:30 as we can!

That’s right we have survived another season of Pinball League! Tonight is the finals and we will be using the format we tried last season Flip Frenzy! Basically come ready to play as much pinball as possible in about a one hour or so time frame. You only play head to head against one other person, and as soon as your game is over report the results and get ready to be paired up again with someone new on a new game. We will only be using the games in the bar tonight to help speed things along as well. Every win tonight will ad 1 point to your season total.

Here were the final standings from the regular season, the final standings only count your best 6 weeks from the season.

#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8 ResultTotal
1Tommy Skinner2216142420222022130160
2Rick Dunkin241610182561816117133
3John Hawxby48131626251818116128
4Michael Alexander IN228251482422115123
5Brett Maxwell14141625142222113127
6Keith Alyea1820182018181810112140
7Matt Peace20242662212110110
8Austin Hill142018141810622106122
9Casey Taylor1224142014204104108
10Dan Trapp18141612221681098116
10Danielle Alexander1218719141362298111
12Bob Twichell28141816209696
13Ryan Garriott1814131016148585
14Christina Wilson16101910101014107999
15Curtis Jarrard1210244646
16Tommy Allmon1313103636
17David Linder7182525
18Kyle Gartland222222
19Mike Twichell161616
19John Armstrong IL161616
21Andy Milam131313
22Chris Gartland888

It’s The Final Countdown! Week 8 of Pinball League is Tonight!

It has been an awesome and fun season so far so let’s finish up this last week and go out with a blast! Here are the standings heading into week 8 organized by weekly average so you have a good idea of who you will be playing with tonight based on attendance.

Overall RankPlayer#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
18Kyle Gartland22222222
1Tommy Skinner2216142420222010813819.71428571
3Matt Peace202426622989819.6
11Bob Twichell28141816767619
5Keith Alyea182018201818189413018.57142857
8Brett Maxwell1414162514229110517.5
7Casey Taylor1224142014209210417.33333333
6Michael Alexander IN22825148249310116.83333333
2Rick Dunkin241610182561810111716.71428571
19Mike Twichell16161616
3John Hawxby4813162625189811015.71428571
15Curtis Jarrard121024464615.33333333
9Dan Trapp18141612221688610615.14285714
10Austin Hill14201814181068410014.28571429
13Ryan Garriott1814131016717114.2
20Andy Milam13131313
11Danielle Alexander121871914136768912.71428571
14Christina Wilson16101910101014698912.71428571
17David Linder718252512.5
16Tommy Allmon131310363612
21Chris Gartland8888

Next week we will have a Flipper Frenzy Finals night that is limited to the games in the bar just like we did last season. 90 minutes of just head to head play with each win adding to your season total of points, and it will be the return of the Championship Mugs for the top 3 placers! See you all tonight!

Thank You!

Just wanted to again give a huge thank you to everyone who came out and played in the tournament at North End Pub yesterday. That was the most people we have had for a tournament in awhile and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to travel and spend the day flipping the games down there. I hope everyone had a good time and will be back for our next tournament on March 28th! There were a ton of really close games yesterday and I hope everyone got to try out some new machines they hadn’t seen before. Here are the final standings from yesterday.

1,Tommy Skinner,19854
2,Andy Dill,71092
3,Bob Twichell,19569
4,Brett Maxwell,63167
4,Mark Moore,59965
7,Matt Peace,28150
7,Kim Coghill,29761
7,John Hawxby,48373
10,Joshua Franklin,60617
10,Rick Dunkin,52146
10,Tom Vandenberg,14090
13,Logan Bradford,59963
13,Keith Alyea,16544
13,Brandon Mosak
16,Chris Gartland,12783
16,Luis Ramirez
16,Travis Lancaster,48275
16,Jon Leetz
19,Danielle Alexander,53111
19,Laura Sell
21,Collin Fiol,80541
21,Rachel Moore,77774
23,Kevin Kirk
23,Peggy coghill,64629
25,Tommy Allmon

Lastly, thank you to everyone who helped come up with and contribute to having this surprise painting done for me. I really appreciate it and was completely stunned and still overwhelmed. It really means the world to me. Thank you all.

No description available.

Reminder last week of pinball league on Thursday at 8:30, and then next week we will have a finals night using the flip frenzy format that we started last season.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! 3PM – 4 Strikes Tournament, North End Pub!

Mark your calendars, set your alarms, grab your mask and sanitizer and get down to North End Pub for some flippin pinball action! We have 25 games ready for you to flip on and are expecting a great turnout for the tournament as we look to be having good weather for easy and safe travel. This will be your last chance to play Ali before it heads out to it’s new home, and we also have the new Guns N’ Roses SE, Hot Wheels, and Avengers: Infinity Quest Premium! Three of the newest games on the market all ready and waiting for you to set some high scores on! No entry fee, just quarters for the games. Typically we finish the tournament around 7 to 8 PM. Doors open at noon for those that want to arrive early and get in some practice.

Also, if you don’t already have the app Scorbit download it now! It will automatically post your high scores for GnR and let you compare to other players around the world. Download Scorbit and you will enjoy checking it out!

Standings for League!

Sorry for the late update but here is the league results through week 6 and it is organized by our weekly averages so you can get a decent idea of who you will be playing with tonight! See everyone in about 2 hours!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly AVG.
17Kyle Gartland22222222
12Bob Twichell281418606020
9Austin Hill142018141810709419.66666667
1Tommy Skinner2216142420228811819.66666667
5Matt Peace2024266767619
5Keith Alyea1820182018187611218.66666667
4Brett Maxwell1414162514227710517.5
7Casey Taylor1224142014728416.8
2Rick Dunkin24161018256839916.5
7Dan Trapp181416122216729816.33333333
10Michael Alexander IN22825148697715.4
3John Hawxby4813162625809215.33333333
11Danielle Alexander12187191413648313.83333333
13Ryan Garriott18141310555513.75
15Tommy Allmon1313262613
19Andy Milam13131313
13Christina Wilson161019101010557512.5
16David Linder718252512.5
17Curtis Jarrard1210222211
20Chris Gartland8888