Monthly Tournament Results!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and played in Main Street Amusements Monthly Tournament on Tuesday, especially Todd who came all the way from Oregon, and all the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis folks who also traveled.  I hope everyone had a good time with the new format and will come back again next month. The full results have been uploaded and approved by the IFPA and can be seen below.

MSA Monthly February 2018

Reminder that next Tuesday is a regular league night and we are playing Tron, Batman ’66, Captain Fantastic, Firepower, and Power Play! 7:30 start time like always! LPL Winter 2018 week 6 Games


See everyone tonight for our monthly showdown at Main Street Amusements! One hour of qualifying and during that hour we will play as many rounds as we can squeeze in on the classic machines, EM and Solid State games up through the System 11 Fire! You earn 1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss, and 1/2 point if you get a bye. After that one hour, we will be split into groups of 4 for finals. Each group is playing for prize money. High seed in the group gets to pick game or position for each of the three games of the finals rounds. Scoring in finals is 3-2-1-0. Remember tonight has a $5 entry fee with $1 of that going to the IFPA fee and the other $4 goes directly back to the prize pool. Everyone plays the whole night and everyone can win money. See you all there!


Winter League Finals Change

Hey Everyone,

I noticed today when looking at our League Calendar and I realized that our Winter League finals were scheduled on March 27th which lands during Spring Break for LSC and TSC, as well as my school corporation out in Russiaville and I figured that may pose an issue for a lot of us for a variety of reasons. If there are no objections I propose we move it to the following week and have our finals on April 3rd instead. I know that no date ever works out perfectly for our finals based on previous years of experience but I’m hoping this will better accommodate a larger number of our league members. We can discuss further at our next league night as well. Any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me as well or


Week 5 Results, Week 6 Games, Next Week is Monthly Tournament 2/20/18

Below are the full results for Week 5 of the Winter League! Thanks to everyone who made it out to play for the evening, and remember that next week is our monthly tournament. We will play for 1 hour, as many rounds as we can, and then have finals in groups of 4 at the conclusion of the hour. Each group of 4 has prize money! Remember $5 entry fee to play next week, and we start at 7:30 just like we do for all our pinball events!

lpl winter 2018 week 5 results

Games for Week 6, which takes place 2/27/2018 are Tron, Batman ’66, Captain Fantastic, Firepower, and Power Play!

LPL Winter 2018 week 6 Games.PNG

Pinball at the Zoo April 19th-21st!

Hey guys and gals, Pinball at the Zoo is coming up in just over two months, April 19th-21st. The show is one of my favorites year in and year out. There is a tournament that is run great, a nice venue with lots of space, an auction where you never know what is going to show up, Mr. Soda Pop selling all the unique beverages you can handle, and lots of games on free play both pinball and arcade.

The show is really a show for the community and as such, it relies on people bringing in games to be shared. I’ll be taking up my Total Nuclear Annihilation and Fathom for the show this year. If I have more space maybe something else as well. Bringing a game gets you into the show for free and in past years you have gotten a special t-shirt as well. I hope a lot of you will check it out and if you can bring a game to share.

Their website has a lot of basic information and if you have any other questions let me know as I can help to answer or get you in contact with those who can answer.

Image result for Pinballatthezoo

Image result for Pinballatthezoo

Week 4 Results and Week 5 Games Announced!

Dan finally had a week where he wasn’t at the top of the heap, yet he remains with a commanding 4 point lead in the overall standings. All groups had competitive play this week, and we had a new member who will be joining regularly from Michigan in Josh Dosson. Full recap and results are below.

LPL winter 2018 week 4 results

The games for week 5 are Spanish Eyes, Star Trek Premium, The Walking Dead Premium, Theatre of Magic, and Twilight Zone. See you all next Tuesday at 7:30 PM!

lpl winter 2018 week 5 Games.PNG