North End Pub League Update

Hey Everyone! Here are the updated standings from a fully completed Week 2!

Week 2 standings.PNG

We are back are for week 3 tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8PM! Unfortunately, there won’t be any FREE PLAY tonight at North End Pub because I will be in Indianapolis at The Sinking Ship for a pinball tournament. I do recommend anyone who is bored hop in a car and drive on down to play in the tourney. It is a fun 3 strikes format and the bar is a cool place always playing WWE Network and the food is delicious. Tournament starts at 7 PM.

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Congrats to Tom!

Tom Vandenberg took down the monthly tournament competition last night coming in first, closely trailed by a 3-way tie between Chris, Jason, and Keith for 2nd place! Matt won the B division in a playoff game on The Walking Dead, and Craig was crowned king of C division with another tie-breaking game over Dan. All results from last night as well as Sunday’s launch party have been submitted to the IFPA and should be posted shortly.

Next Tuesday we return to our regularly scheduled league play. Below are the scheduled games to be played. At this point, we will have played everything out on the floor this season and will start to hit some repeats.

Weeek 6 Games.PNG

There is a tournament tonight at The Sinking Ship in Indianapolis that if you can make it to you should definitely check it out!

Reminder! Monthly Tournament Tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that we have a monthly tournament tomorrow night at Main Street Amusements! 7:30 PM start time, 1 hour of qualifying, 1 hour of finals. $5 entry fee with 100% of the entry fees going back to the players. Everyone has a chance to win money until the very end. Anyone is welcome to come out and play.

Also Wednesday there is a tournament at The Sinking Ship in Indianapolis, hope to see a lot of you there as well.

Congrats to Matt Peace! Deadpool Champion!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the launch party yesterday! We had 16 players total, with 5 of them being brand new which is awesome! The finals came down to Matt, Tom, Dan, and Tommy with Matt winning the whole thing! Congrats to Matt for taking home the Deadpool plaque and translite, Tom coming in 2nd taking home a Simpsons Pinball Party translite, Tommy finishing 3rd and getting an Iron Maiden translite, and Dan rounding out the top 4 and taking home an Aerosmith translite.

Deadpool Launch Party Champion


When?: Sunday, September 16th from 5PM-9PM

Where?: Main Street Amusements 642 Main St. Lafayette, IN

Who?: YOU!!! Everyone!!! ANYONE!!!

PRIZES?!!: You bet your sweet ass there are prizes!

Chimichangas? Probably not, pretty sure there will be nachos which are close enough!

Why?: WHY NOT! Let’s be real, you will catch all the NFL highlights on ESPN the next day anyway, you may as well come and have some damn fun playing the latest and greatest title from Stern Pinball and socialize with other humans and mutants.

Hope to see a lot of you there! Lots of fun to be had, anyone is welcome to come and enter, no skill required.

Deadpool Launch Party Champion



North End Pub Pinball League Standings

Thanks to everyone who showed up last night and had a good time! Remember if you missed last night you can always come down the following Monday to get your makeup scores in! Here are the updated point totals before Make-Up Monday scores get added in as well. Another great turnout and another new player! Let’s keep that going!

Week 2 standings.PNG

If you are looking for some fun pinball on Sunday Main Street Amusements is hosting a Launch Party for their newest game Deadpool Pinball! 5PM-9PM, play the game as many times as you’d like and at 9 PM the top 4 players will face off in a finals game. Head back over to North End Pub afterward to catch WWE Hell in a Cell show!

Deadpool Launch Party Champion.jpg

Click here to see a video tutorial!

Lafayette Pinball League Week 5 Results

Here are your results and standings from week 5 of the Lafayette Pinball League.

Week 5 Results.PNG

A reminder that next week is our monthly tournament which starts at 7:30 PM sharp at Main Street Amusements. Hope to see you all there! It is one hour of qualifying on classic machines followed by matchplay finals across 3 games in groups of 4. $5 entry fee all money is paid back out to the top finisher in each group of 4 from finals.