Reminder Next Week is Pinball March Madness, Tournaments Everywhere!

Next week is officially Pinball March Madness in Indiana!

Monday night head up to Ft. Wayne Wizard’s World for their monthly 3 strikes.

Tuesday get over to Lafayette Main Street Amusements for the monthly featuring an hour of classics qualifying and group matchplay finals format.

Wednesday show up in Indianapolis at The Sinking Ship for your chance at victory!

Thursday its back to Lafayette to lay the smackdown at Jerilee’s Pub for some more         3-strikes action!

pinball map.PNG

And That’s a Wrap!

Our Winter Season is in the books, and what a nailbiter it was! The top 4 finished the season separated by a mere 2 points. As explained at the beginning of the season our finals will now be split between an A & B Division and based on the number of players we had participate in at least 3 weeks this season that means 6 players in each division. The full week 8 results and final season standings are below. Our finals tournaments will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd. In both A & B divisions we have a tie for 2nd place, in A division Dan and Matt, and in B division Danielle and Michael, will each have a one-game playoff to determine who gets the two seed and who gets the three seed for the tournament. Reminder there is a $10 entry fee for the finals tournament. A trophy will be awarded for the A & B Champions. Prize money is split between the top two finishers in each division. The tournament will remain a best of 3 format and double elimination as we have run in previous years with the high seed getting the game choice to start.

Thanks again to everyone who played this season so far, I hope you have enjoyed it. If there are any suggestions for changes or future improvements please feel free to let me know.   lpl winter 2018 week 8 results

Here is the bracket for the A Division.

lpl winter 2018 A division finals bracket

Here is the bracket for the B Division.

lpl winter 2018 B division finals bracket.PNG


Week 7 Results and Website Update!

Alright, thank you for the patience! Our friend Tony has gotten our site back up and running and I was able to enter all of Tuesday’s results from Week 7 into the standings. The new league scoring website is and your login information is still the same. If you have any issues or have forgotten your login just let me know and I will get you taken care of in short order. Below are the full results of Tuesday and the current league standings. Next Tuesday is the final week of the season, as of right now we have 12 players who have participated in at least 3 weeks and are eligible for the finals tournament. That means we will split the top 6 into A division, and the bottom 6 into B division, each with their own prize money and trophies.


lpl winter 2018 week 7 results

Games for Week 8:

LPL winter 2018 Week 8 games

The Results are in…

This week you will… Battle a demon! Fight a creature! Stave of an alien attack! Survive a possessed doll and his house of fun! And save a city from an army of villains! Bring your best flipper skills to Main Street Amusements on Tuesday at 7:30PM and become a pinball hero!

And for week 7 the winning games are…..

LPL Winter 2018 week 7 games.PNG

Only two more weeks of winter season left, March 6th and 13th. On March 20th we will have our Monthly Tournament, and then the 27th is a bye week for everything  in coordination with spring break. Our finals event for the winter season will then be held on April 3rd.

Week 8 games have also been determined as well for those that want to get in extra practice, while week 7 focuses on being a hero, week 8 is all about sci-fi, outer-space, time travel, and adventure! Thanks to all who completed the survey, see you all Tuesday!

LPL winter 2018 Week 8 games

Spring is in the Air so Mark Your Calendars!

spring season poster

With the beautiful weather the last few days it got me to thinking about how Spring is right around the corner, and then it clicked, we better have our calendar submitted to the IFPA for approval ASAP! I did just that today. They say there’s no rest for the wicked, I say there’s no rest for the competitive pinball scene in 2018! Our Winter Season finals are on April 3rd, and that works great because our spring season kicks off April 10th! That’s right, no break in between seasons this time. The benefit of starting our Spring season right away is that we finish before the 4th of July at which point we will take off that entire month. Everything else about league will stay the same, 4 player groups, 8 weeks, dropping the lowest 2 weeks, and a split division finals event. As always everyone is welcome to come and play. Our website calendar is updated, and below is a picture of all the dates, start times are correct, end times are approximate.

I am also running a league at Jerilee’s that will be IFPA approved on Thursday nights as well. Anyone can play in the league, but finals night will still be restricted to players either non-ranked, or below a certain ranking (8000 and below, or something similar). The IFPA results for this league will only be based on the 6 weeks of play.

Spring 2018 Calendar

Week 6 Results, Updated Standings, Week 7 & 8 Game Selection!

Here are the full results from Week 6 of our Winter League. Chris came back with a vengeance and had the best night of all putting up 17 points and Matt maintains a narrow 1 point lead over Tom headed into the final two weeks of the season. A big thank you to Danielle for the amazing Spanish Eyes cake, and happy birthday to Michael!

LPL Winter 2018 week 6 results.PNG

Next week will be Week 7 where we will again be paired with random groups, followed up by Week 8 where we finish the season paired off against those closest to us in the standings. I have created a survey so everyone can vote on the games we play these last two weeks. In week 7 we will play Gorgar, and week 8 we will play Magnotron as neither of those games has been played yet this season. Additionally, I removed all titles from the options that have already been played twice this season those include Batman 66, Firepower, Captain Fantastic, and Power Play. All other titles should be included and can be selected. You must select 8 games on the survey. Please take a minute to complete it and I look forward to seeing everyone next week!