League Finals Tournament Tonight 8:30!

If you played in the league at all this season you can come and play in the tournament tonight at 8:30! Keith is bringing the belt, someone else better leave with it his reign of terror must be stopped! Don’t let the Hawaiian shirt and smile fool you this man is ruthless with his flipper skills! See everyone tonight! Don’t forget you can always put up some selfie scores on Power Play, Dolly Parton, and Flintstones all month long!



Hey everyone, as per usual FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY is on for tonight! But, wrestling season has started and I coach so I may not get down there to get the machines turned over to Free Play until about 6PM so be patient, or you know drop a few quarters in the machines while you wait since we are providing you with FREE pinball on the regular it does help us with maintenance cost and whatnot as the machines are very expensive.

Don’t forget to enter some selfie scores this month on Dolly Parton, The Flintstones, and Bobby Orr ‘s Power Play! 

November Tournament Flyer

2nd Annual Indiana Matchplay State Championship! Tickets Available NOW!

Timeline of Champions

2nd annual Indiana matchplay state championshipship


The 2nd Annual Indiana Matchplay State Championship will be held in Lafayette, IN on Sunday, December 15th, 2019 at North End Pub. There are 40 spots available and ticket sales open up November 6th, the reservation is free but there will be a $20 entry fee at the door. Free Entry for current Indiana State Champion Andy “The Real Dill” Dill!

In the first round, all players will be grouped by seed (IFPA Ranking) into 10 groups of 4 players. Each group of 4 players will compete on 4 different machines, with the highest-seeded player given choice of playing order on the first machine, in the following games player order is chosen by reverse finishing position. At the end of the 4-game round, 2 players will advance out of each group into the second round, which will function similarly to the first, players will be seeded by points earned in the first round with ties being broken by original seeding. Any ties between players to advance from 1st to second round will be played on a randomly selected machine.

At the start of the third round, the remaining 10 players will be placed in a ladder-style bracket seeded based on their accumulative points from the first two rounds, tiebreakers will be broken by IFPA rank if needed. The bottom 4 players will compete in a single game, with the lowest scoring player being removed from the contest and replaced by the next highest seed. When only 2 players remain, they will compete in the best two-games-out-of-three series to determine the Indiana State Matchplay Pinball Champion.

There will be a $20 cash entry fee for the tournament. Tickets can be reserved starting November 6th, 2019. 75% of the entry fee is going into the cash prize pool for the top 4 finishers ($300, $150, $100, $50), 20% ($50 rd 1, $50 rd 2, $50 rd 3, $10 to last place) of the entry fee will be awarded in random drawings at the conclusion of each round, and 5% ($40) will cover the IFPA fee.

The Championship Belt will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. The title DOES NOT become the permanent property of the winner. The purpose and goal for the title is that it serves as a legitimate traveling title within the state of Indiana. It must be defended within the state every month. If the winner is unable to perform their champion’s duty it is asked that they gracefully forfeit the title. Their name will still be engraved upon the belt as the inaugural champion. More rules and stipulations to the Indiana State Matchplay Championship can be read here.




Don’t forget tonight is our first-ever Too Sweet Tuesday in Market Square Lanes! The tournament will run right from 7:00-8:30. With the format we are using you will play a lot of games in that short amount of time just head to head. The winner is the person with the best win/loss ration at the end. No extra finals or anything like that just come play some pinball and have some fun. Because it is on the bowling alley side it is open to all ages. I hope to see some of you there tonight.

too sweet Tuedays flyer wtih dates

October Selfie Finals Monday at 6PM!

Here are the final standings for October’s Selfie Tournament. The finals will be next Monday at 6PM. I know John Dozier can’t attend so that bumps us down on the list a bit. I will also not be playing and just there to run things so it looks like Brett through Danielle are in if they so choose.

NEP October Selfie Standings

The November Selfie Tournament is up and running. Bobby Orr’s Power Play, to celebrate the start of the hockey season, Dolly Parton, because she’s an Angel on Earth, and The Flintstones because it’s the Flintstones and they’re from the town of Bedrock. Qualifying will run from now until the end of the month, play as much as you want

November Tournament Flyer

Lastly, starting on Tuesdays next week from 7:00-8:30 PM TOO SWEET TUESDAYS! A speed tournament in Market Square Lanes no entry fee just quarters for the machines. Come on out an bring some friends!


It’s that last Wednesday of the month so you know what that means! All pinball machines in North End Pub and Market Square Lanes will be on FREE PLAY ALL NIGHT LONG!  Great night and basically last chance to get high scores for the October Selfie Tournament!  If you play Godzilla, Bram Stroker’s Dracula, or America’s Most Haunted snap a picture of your score and submit it on matchplay.events, post to our facebook page, or feel free to email it or facebook message it to me as well tsskinne@gmail.com or Tommy Skinner on Facebook. The top 8 players from the month get invited to play in the finals next Monday at 6 PM!

October Tournament Flyer

Also, AEW is on TNT at 8PM and we will get our inaugural Tag Team Champions crowned! November’s Selfie Tournament will kick off on Friday with Dolly Parton (in the bar), Power Play & Flintstones (both in the old arcade of Market Square Lanes area) so get some practice in on those great games tonight!

Congrats and Thank You!

So last night we finished up our fall league and the third season of Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League at North End Pub! Our location finished the season with 20 players who participated in at least half of the weeks making us the second biggest location in the league this season! We get to send 5 players to Main Street Amusements this Saturday to compete in the HOPS League Championships, Tommy Skinner, Keith Alyea, Casey Taylor, Rick Dunkin, and Tom Vandenberg will be representing NEP with Brandon Edging as our substitute in case of emergency absence. Good luck to everyone this weekend and thank you to everyone who came out and played this season.



We won’t have another HOPS season until Spring, but we will be bringing Team League back for the 3rd year in the coming month so stay tuned and get those squads ready, someone needs to take down the defending Champion Region Rats!


Also, again I wanted to thank everyone who came out and played in our Monthly Tournament on Sunday. We raised the entry fee to $5 and donated all the coins from the pinball machines and all the cash from our bill changer to the cause and we were able to raise $350 that day just from the tournament and combined with efforts from the month in Market Square Lanes together we will be donating over $600 plus several boxes of supplies to Power of the Purse.

Lastly, starting next Tuesday we will have 90-minute tournaments in Market Square Lanes just focused on those machines and open to all ages! Please come out and play. No cost to enter and will take roughly $5-$8 in quarters to participate. Will be a fast and fun format.

too sweet Tuedays flyer wtih dates