League Night! 8:30 PM

Get on down to North End Pub for week 6 of our pinball league! Three weeks to go and the standings are very close! We will also be welcoming back the HOPS (Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League) in June so consider this season great training as we get ready to come back to competing against the rest of the state this summer!

Here are the current standings organized by weekly average so you can get a good idea of who your group will be for tonight. Also get your games in on Data East Jurassic Park and Spider-Man because those games will be leaving soon as we bring in the brand new Mandalorian hopefully by the end of the month as well as Dragonfist and Meteor that will be heading down to the bar in the next week or so!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner28222418288012024
3Matt Peace202420646421.33333333
2Danielle Alexander20181028257310120.2
4Keith Alyea1418221222628817.6
7Kyle Gartland1681622546215.5
5Rick Dunkin619281410617715.4
8Dan Trapp1382019526015
10John Hawxby141813454515
14Christina Wilson1614303015
6Brett Maxwell162220106587414.8
9Michael Alexander IN16101614465614
11Casey Taylor1414121613446913.8
13Macy Smith101019393913
15Ron Languell12121212
11Chris Gartland18161087445911.8

League Night in 1 Hour! 8:30ish Start Time! North End Pub! Anyone can still come and play!

Here are the current standings with all of last week’s results entered! See everyone shortly!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner28222418529223
4Matt Peace2024444422
2Danielle Alexander20181028487619
5Brett Maxwell16222010426817
3Rick Dunkin6192814476716.75
6Keith Alyea14182212406616.5
9John Hawxby1418323216
12Christina Wilson1614303015
9Michael Alexander IN16101614325614
12Casey Taylor14141216305614
8Dan Trapp13820334113.66666667
9Kyle Gartland16816324013.33333333
7Chris Gartland1816108345213
14Macy Smith1010202010
15Ron Languell12121210


It’s the best day of the week! Here are the current standings, we will have one game that needs to be scored for a group but I’ll get that added in before we kick off the session tonight so groups shouldn’t change much. See everyone this evening! 8:30ish as per usual!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner282224287424.66666667
4Matt Peace20202020
3Brett Maxwell162220225819.33333333
1Rick Dunkin61928285317.66666667
6Keith Alyea141819195117
4Danielle Alexander201810204816
7Chris Gartland181610184414.66666667
11John Hawxby14141414
8Kyle Gartland16816164013.33333333
11Casey Taylor141411143913
8Michael Alexander IN161011163712.33333333
14Ron Languell12121212
8Christina Wilson167162311.5
13Dan Trapp138132110.5
15Macy Smith10101010

Thank You & Congrats!

A huge thank you to everyone who chose to spend your beautiful Sunday hanging out at North End Pub and playing some pinball yesterday. It was a really fun day with lots of good games all around. Congrats to the winner Mr. Andy Dill of Indianapolis and Runner-Up Mark Moore traveling all the way down from Ft. Wayne! Both guys had an awesome day coming down to a deciding game on Prospector.

Full Results are below!

Tournament standings

1Andy Dill3
2Mark Moore4
3Matt Peace4
4Tommy Skinner4
Bob Twichell4
6Brett Maxwell4
7John Hawxby4
8Damon Fairbanks4
9Brandon Mosak4
Danielle Alexander4
Laura Sell4
Kim Coghill4
13Dan Trapp4
14Rachel Moore4
15Peggy Coghill4

Next month’s tournament will take place on May 23rd and have the usual 3PM start time. Again thank you to everyone who comes out and supports pinball at North End Pub and hopefully we will see you all again next month!

Sunday, 3PM 4-Strikes Tournament! Anyone is welcome to come and play!

Come on down to North End Pub on Sunday to play in our monthly 4-strikes tournament! No entry fee, just need quarters for the machines. 25 machines available to play. Doors will open at noon for practice and the tournament will start at 3PM and we are typically done between 7 & 8PM. Food and drinks from the bar available all day long.

If you have any questions please reach out!

Week 3 Pinball League Tonight! 8:30 PM Anyone Can Join!

Here are the standings from the first two weeks! Remember that the season is only 8 weeks and we drop your two lowest weeks form the over all standings. Groups are formed week to week based on your weekly average point total. This should give you a good idea of who you will be paired with tonight based on attendance. See you all tonight and check out the new to us Data East Jurassic Park!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8Total w/dropsTotal Weekly Avg.
1Tommy Skinner282205025
1Matt Peace2002020
1Danielle Alexander201803819
1Brett Maxwell162203819
1Chris Gartland181603417
1Keith Alyea141803216
1Christina Wilson1601616
1Casey Taylor141402814
1John Hawxby1401414
1Michael Alexander IN161002613
1Dan Trapp1301313
1Rick Dunkin61902512.5
1Kyle Gartland16802412
1Macy Smith1001010
Jurassic Park - Prescott Park Arts Festival

Free Play Pinball Tonight! League Tomorrow Night! Sunday Pinball Tournament!

It’s free play night down at North End Pub, at least 10 machines on free play for your enjoyment, food and drinks, and several other machines still available on coin drop!

Something prehistoric is headed to North End Pub tonight as well! The original Jurassic Park from 1993! I still remember this movie coming out in theaters and to this day it is one of my absolute favorites! If you ever wondered how a movie that is approaching 30 years old still holds up to this day read this amazing thread about the special effects in the film. I’ve wanted this machine since I first got into pinball almost a decade ago and finally found a great example of one for the bar. Nothing beats watching the T-Rex actually eat the pinball!

Here is a great video to break down the rules of Jurassic Park, and later this week we will actually be installing a code update that came out for this game a few years ago that fixes some of the original bugs in the code and helps to balance out the scoring.

Jurassic Park

Don’t forget Thursday night at 8:30 PM we will have Pinball League and anyone is welcome to come and join us!

Then this Sunday we will host our Monthly Pinball Tournament at 3 PM, we use the 4-strikes format and should have 25 machines up and running for the event!