Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played in pinball league this past season, our Amazing Race on Saturday, and our Monthly 4-Strikes tournament today! It was great to play with so many people!

We will be back with our Pinsgiving Tournament / Party on November 17th! December we will have a different tournament format each week on Thursday night!

Also this week we will be announcing more information about our 3rd Annual 12-Hour Charity Pinball Event! We will tie in some tournaments this year as well as the stream as we have done the past two years as we raise money for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and help get beds to kids in our own community that need them!

League Standings!

Here are the league standings heading into finals tonight! See everyone for Flip Frenzy at 8:30PM tonight!

Player #1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8 Result Total
1Tommy Skinner24242628122422148160
2Brett Maxwell224242618142422136154
3Paul Earwood1424202016262412130156
4Jesse Sanders2616261824188128136
5Austin Hill14222028182413126139
6Dan Trapp2012141824141824118144
7Josh Pierson1418622162420114120
8Jarrett Morrow241841613141422108125
9Brayton Businger161010182224414104118
10Danielle Alexander1416142014122216102128
10Christina Wilson814161418201020102120
12Casey Taylor1622141412181016100122
12Tony Giron201420241010126100116
14Michael Alexander IN1614181212199191
15Lindsey Sickler14822161412121290110
15Keith Alyea182444820169094
17Michela Phillabaum16142210188080
18Spencer Armes131228197272
19Cole Jarrard2622206868
20Faith Zettler8141610475959
21Brittany Strange881061085050
22Mark Uncapher8141063838
23Sam Taylor161083434
24Jason Phillabaum14142828
25Johan Bernhardtson181818
26Matt Peace161616

Flip Frenzy League Finals Tonight at 8:30PM!!!!

That’s right another pinball league season is coming to an end! We will be running Flip Frenzy starting at 8:30 PM going until 10 PM! Every win you get will add a point to your season point total to determine final standings!

We also have two tournaments this weekend with The Amazing Race on Saturday, starting at 3PM, and our monthly 4-Strikes knockout on Sunday starting at 3PM.

November 10th, we will have a Split Flipper Flipper Frenzy!

November we will have Pinsgiving on Thursday, November 17th! This will be a potluck dinner with out pinball friends and a tournament as well, anyone is welcome to come and join!

December we will run a holiday tournament schedule with a different tournament format each week on Thursday nights at 8:30PM!

See everyone tomorrow for some frenzy fun!

PINBALL LEAGUE WEEK 8 TONIGHT! Next week Flip Frenzy Finals!

Hey Everyone! Tonight is the last night of the regular season for pinball league! Below are the standings heading in to Week 8! Next week, October 20th we will run our Flip Frenzy Finals! 90 Minutes of Flip Frenzy, every win will be added to your season total of points to determine the final standings for league! See everyone soon!


Pinball League Tonight at 8:30!

See everyone in a couple of hours! Here are the standings after two weeks!

1Cole Jarrard2622048
1Tommy Skinner2424048
1Keith Alyea1824042
1Jarrett Morrow2418042
1Paul Earwood1424038
1Casey Taylor1622038
1Austin Hill1422036
1Tony Giron2014034
1Dan Trapp2012032
1Danielle Alexander1416030
1Michela Phillabaum1614030
1Sam Taylor1610026
1Brayton Businger1610026
1Brett Maxwell224026
1Jesse Sanders26026
1Lindsey Sickler148022
1Mark Uncapher814022
1Faith Zettler814022
1Christina Wilson814022
1Brittany Strange88016
1Josh Pierson14014

Pinball League Tonight at 8:30 PM! Standings After Week 1!

Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for coming and playing in Pinball League last week! We have week 2 tonight! If you can’t make it but want to be included in a make-up group please reach out to let me know, and also your game choice!

North End Pub Fall Pinball League 2022

1Cole Jarrard26026
1Tommy Skinner24024
1Jarrett Morrow24024
1Brett Maxwell22022
1Dan Trapp20020
1Tony Giron20020
1Keith Alyea18018
1Casey Taylor16016
1Sam Taylor16016
1Michela Phillabaum16016
1Brayton Businger16016
1Lindsey Sickler14014
1Josh Pierson14014
1Austin Hill14014
1Danielle Alexander14014
1Paul Earwood14014
1Mark Uncapher808
1Brittany Strange808
1Faith Elizabeth808
1Christina Wilson808


That’s right its fall league time! Come on down to North End Pub tonight for some sweet pinball league action! As always no cost to join, just need some quarters for the machines! We start play at 8:30! League asks 8 weeks and your best 6 count in the final standings. If you can’t make it tonight but still want to participate just let me know and we can get you included in a group!

Also this Sunday is our monthly 4-Strikes tournament! We start at 1PM this Sunday for the tournament so come on down!