Pub Burgh Pinball Tournament July 22nd!

Looking for a warm-up for Pinburgh? Just want to have some fun playing pinball? Sunday July 22nd come down to North End Pub for a nice day of pinball with friends! We will be doing our best to have a small version of Pinburgh with modern, solid state, and EM pinball machines all included in the tournament! $5 entry fee with all money going back out in prizes to the players. North End Pub has great food and drinks available and if you get tired of pinball you can always jump to the other side of the bar and get in some bowling at Market Square Lanes!

Pub Burgh version 2.png

The Grudge Tournament 7/12/2018 at North End Pub!

This Thursday we will have a tournament at North End Pub called The Grudge that has a unique format.

the grudge japanese GIF

Pinball finger exercises I assume…

We will play group matchplay for 2 hours of qualifying (7 PM – 9 PM), using automatic tie breaking in Matchplay. Any ties that can not be broken automatically will be done via a 1 ball playoff. Concluding qualifying the top seed will get to choose their opponent, the machines will be drawn at random. They can choose anyone to play. After they have chosen the next highest seed will pick, and so on down the line. They will play a one game do or die match, winner moves on, loser is out. We will play until there is only one player left standing. Trophies for the top 3 finishers. No cost to enter, coin drop still required for machines. Everything is priced $.25-$.75, with the vast majority at $.50. Hope a lot of you can make it down.

The Event starts at 7 PM and I expect it to finish by 11 PM at the latest. Should be a fun time. North End Pub has great food and drinks so come thirsty and hungry!

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Our Summer/Fall Season of Lafayette Pinball League will begin on August 7th! Mark your calendars, call your babysitters (or just bring the kids), start your training regiment, diet, exercise, take your vitamins and say your prayers! Do whatever you need to do to be ready come August 7th. As usual we will play on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM down at Main Street Amusements! The full calendar is available here.

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Season will last 8 weeks, with your best 6 counting towards standings. I did not submit a format for the finals tournament as I thought that we could discuss trying something new as a league, but I will leave that up to everyone.

Look forward to seeing everyone then. As always we will still have our Monthly Tournament at Main Street Amusements on July 17th at 7:30 PM, $5 entry fee, 1 hour of classics qualifying, followed by a 3 game finals where everyone plays the whole time and everyone can win money down to the very end!

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Congrats to Matt Peace!

Matt Peace is this season’s Lafayette Pinball League Champion! Tom Vandenberg finishes Runner-Up and Dan St. John comes in 3rd. As always thank you to everyone who came out and played this season, and a huge thank you to Dan for making Main Street Amusements amazing all the time! Enjoy your month of July off from league.

We will still have our Monthly Tournament on the 3rd Tuesday of July, and then start up our official summer league in August.

End of Season Tournament Tomorrow Night at 7:30!

End of season tournament tomorrow night at 7:30! We have the option of running one large bracket like this below.

Finals Bracket

Or we could run the bracket split between A & B division, with seeds 1-5 in A, and seeds 6-11 in B. If we split the tournament it is worth more WPPR points, if we don’t split it anyone can win. Either way is fine with me, we can vote before we play tomorrow.


Look forward to seeing everyone there. We will take off the month of July and start up our next Season in early August!

Monthly Tournament Tomorrow 7:30PM!

Just your friendly reminder that tomorrow Main Street Amusements is hosting the monthly tournament at 7:30 PM! We start with one hour of head to head matchplay qualifying on classics machines followed by finals in groups of 4 across three games. $5 entry fee and everyone has a chance to win money all the way to the very end! All entry fee money is paid back to the players. Hope to see a lot of you there to battle it out! viking gif