North End Pub Seflie Tournament Update

After Brandon Edging submitted a monster score on Congo last night the standings have changed! Remember you have until the end of the month to submit scores for Congo and Fish Tales to be in the tournament. You can play any time and as many times as you want, just snap a picture of your score. You can submit the picture of your score here, or if you are having any trouble with that text me, email me, or facebook message me the picture and I can get it updated for you. All the money earned from Congo and Fish Tales this month will go into the prize pool for the finals at the end of the month, as of right now it is already up to $110! The top 8 players make the finals, and the top 4 get payouts, 50%, 25%, 15%, and 10% of the prize pool. The finals will be on Sunday, December 2nd at approximately 4 PM. Get those scores submitted!

NEP November Standings


Reminder Tourney Tonight Main Street Amusements @ 7:30PM!

Just a reminder for you out there that tonight at Main Street Amusement we will have a 4 strikes tournament at 7:30 PM! The cost is just $1 + coin drop on the machines to play and anyone is welcome to come and join! I’d love to see some of the players from North End Pub come down and give it a shot.

Weekly 4 Strikes Tournament

Thank You! Next Tournament Nov. 18th @ 5 PM!

I just wanted to congratulate & thank everyone who came out and played in Pinball League Season 4 at North End Pub! We had 25 people play at some point during the season, 23 play in over half the weeks qualifying for finals, and 22 players participate in the finals tournament last night!

On my end, it has been really cool to see how much everyone has improved over the last year since the machines were put in the bar, and how many of the games last night were really close. I hope everyone has enjoyed playing them as much as I have enjoyed watching people play. I hope everyone continues to play, always feel free to invite new friends and family to join, and never hesitate to ask questions about the games as I’m happy to help anyone learn the machines as best as I can.

Here are the final standings from  the tournament last night:

Pos. Name Strikes
1 Tommy Skinner 1
2 Keith Alyea 4
Tom Vandenberg 4
4 Sam Taylor 4
John Hawxby 4
Josh Burton 4
7 Carla Graves 4
Zach Dewitt 4
Michael Alexander 4
10 Joseph Crook 4
Tommy Byrd 4
12 Romaldo Valdez Jr. 4
Bailey Kinsella 4
Casey Taylor 4
Zach Davidson 4
Danielle Alexander 4
17 Brandon Edging 4
Ed Cadwallader 4
Brett Maxwell 4
Nick Maxson 4
21 Austin Hill 4
Suzette McNew 4

Our next event will take place on Sunday, November 18th at North End Pub from 5PM-7PM. Anyone can play in the event! This will also be the day of WWE Survivor Series. Hopefully, you can all make it out and play in the tournament!

Reminder North End Pub League Finals are on Thursday @ 8PM!

Here are your final standings for the regular season! Week 8 standings.PNG

The finals are Thursday at 8 PM! We will be playing a 4 strikes format, everyone is welcome to participate in the finals event. I hope to see all of you there, and thank you for a great turnout this year.

Remember tonight is FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY so your last chance to get in some practice before tomorrow, and a great time to play Congo and Fish Tales to improve those scores for the selfie tournament this month! Here are the current standings.

NEP November Standings

Last Chance for Make-Up Monday! Conragts to Tom, Keith, and Zach! THURSDAY NIGHT LEAGUE FINALS!

If you missed last Thursday tonight is your last chance to make it up! After tonight our standings will be final and we will be set for our finals tournament which will take place on this THURSDAY NIGHT! We will start as close to 8PM as we can, if you know you are going to be a few minutes late please let me know so we can accommodate, but really try to be on time!

Yesterday we held the finals for the October Selfie Tournament. Tom Vandenburg was victorious over Keith Alyea on the last game of Prospector claiming the championship, and  Zach Dewitt and Tommy Skinner tying for 3rd place behind them. Thanks again to everyone who played, and don’t forget this Month’s games are Congo and Fish Tales! We are already seeing some impressive scores being put up so keep on plugging away. Also a reminder that all the money earned by those two games this month will be used as a prize pool, as of yesterday we are already up to $50!

Tournament game signs layered Novmeber NEP

Also for any of you looking to get in some more pinball, there is a tournament at Main Street Amusements tomorrow night at 7:30 PM! Hope to see a few of you there!

Final Selfie Tournament Standings for October

Here are your final standings for October’s Selfie Tournament on Metallica and Old Chicago. Tommy, Tom, Kim, Keith, Michael, Zach, Ryan, and John are all invited to play in the finals this Sunday, November 4th at 4 PM down at North End Pub. We will run it as 4-strikes tournament with 4 player groups. See everyone then!

Ocotber Standings.PNG

Starting today play Congo and Fish Tales as the Selfie Games for November!

Tournament game signs layered Novmeber NEP