North End Pub’s Pinball League & Tournament Calendar

North End Pub’s Pinball League is a casual league aimed at getting novice players more experience and having fun with friends. We will play an 8 week season followed by a finals tournament. The cost to join is FREE. Approximately $2.00 in quarters is required to play all the games each week. Games are located inside Jerilee’s Pub in Market Square. We meet at 8PM on Thursday to play. If you cannot attend on Thursday you can attend Make-Up Monday, again around 8PM we will have players who could not meet on Thursday attend this night to play their games.

North End Pub’s next pinball league starts January 24th and it is Team League! Compete for the Cup!


January Selfie games at North End Pub are Royal Rumble and Stars! 

Every month there will be 2 qualifying games, you must play at least 1 game to be eligible to participate in finals. The finals will take place the first Sunday of the following month, with the exception of December which will be crammed in at an earlier date for maximum WPPR point grabbing before the end of the 2018 calendar year. The format for finals will be chosen based on maximizing WPPR points in the least amount of time, most likely a best of 4 PAPA format run across multiple games simultaneously, but could be changed in order to increase the TPG value of the tournament. Maximum 8 players for finals, if less than 16 people participate only top 4 make finals.

Finals Date February 4th, 2019.

Other Events

January 24th – Opening Night of Team Pinball League!

January 27th – 4 Strikes Monthly Tournament 4 PM

January 27th -Royal Rumble Ladder Elimination Match 7:00 PM approximately

February 4th – January Selfie Tournament Finals 8:30 PM