Summer League 2014

(Updated 5/1 with some more event ideas. Also, no volunteers yet to run event)
It’s about time to get summer league started up again. Like last year, summer league is not as formal, no IFPA points, etc. This year, though, we will do something different each week. In other words, a different event or format each week. Also, I was hoping that we could get everyone to volunteer to run the different events. Some of the ideas for the different events include:

1. Crew battle (multi-person team, each team chooses opponent for each 2-person match)
2. 2-man team tournament (like Chicago Expobrawl)
3. Tommy (sound off, flippers covered so you can’t see them)
4. Pingolf
5. Game themed brackolope tournament (e.g. all EM’s or all Sterns)
6. Price is Right (closest to target score without going over)
7. Amazing Race (Everyone plays same machine, lowest score is eliminated)
8. One handed (one hand in pocket at all times)
9. Doubles (one hand left flipper one player, one hand right flipper other player)

Please respond to this post if interested in running a summer event, either one of these listed or an idea you have. Or you can email me at You can run your event any way you want, you can even have it occur over multiple days. The only rules are:

1. minimize Dan’s efforts
2. occur on Tuesdays from 7-11pm but not on a 3rd Tuesday
3. coin-drop
4. keep it fun, simple, no IFPA points.

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