5/20 MSA Monthly, 6/22 Hammond Tournament, 6/2 Summer League

5/20 MSA Monthly
Just a reminder that next Tuesday is the MSA monthly tournament for May:

6/22 Hammond Tournament
The following links provide information on an IFPA tournament in June in Hammond, IN. Kevin Seliger will be running the tournament. Kevin is a notable pinball operator who also runs the Northwest Indiana league at Tyler’s Tender in Schererville. He ran an excellent tournament last year, so this tournament should be a good time too.
Since this tournament is within Indiana it will also count towards qualifying for the IFPA Indiana State Championship.

6/2 Summer League
Sorry I haven’t done anything for summer league yet. Next Tuesday is MSA monthly and the following Tuesday is after Memorial Day, so we will start summer league on Tuesday 6/2. Please see the previous post about the different event ideas. Volunteers to run the different events would be appreciated.

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