Final League Results

Well, it was truly a thrilling league final. A lot of really tight matches, high scores, and some great come backs. My favorite was Cory’s game on Tron. Cory had about 2 mil to Phil’s (my) 30 mil on ball 3, and came back to win the game.

Of course,  I must mention Bob’s amazing game on Creature. Bob put up over 1 Billion points to win the game, and claim the Grand Champion score. First time I’ve ever seen a 4x Jackpot + 4x Super + Second 4x Jackpot. Impressive.

The final’s for A division was a near repeat of Spring 2013. Phil was knocked to the losers bracket early in the tournament by Bob, only to face him again in finals. Phil needed to beat Bob twice in order to win (two, best-out-of-three matches). Unlike 2013, Phil ended up victorious, but only after 6 very tense games.

Finalists for A-division:

  1. Phil Grimaldi
  2. Bob Skinner
  3. Cory Livingston

Finalists for B-Division:

  1. Dan St. John
  2. Richard Serie
  3. Tom Vandenberg

Full results posted here:

Well played everyone! Thanks again to Dan for hosting and Tom for organizing.


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