7/15 MSA Monthly, 7/26 Lafayette Tournament, 7/22 Event, 7/8 results

7/15 MSA Monthly
Just a reminder that next Tuesday is the MSA monthly tournament.

7/26 Lafayette Tournament
Another reminder that Saturday 7/26 is the Project Pinball – Lafayette charity tournament as listed on the IFPA calendar.

7/22 event
Not sure what the format will be, but I will post when I do.

7/8 results
Congrats to Jerry for winning the “last man standing” event! Below are all of the results. Thanks to all for participating and making it fun!
1st – Jerry
2nd – Tom
3rd – Phil
4th – Bob
5th – Craig
6th – Kevin
7th – Ron
8th – Andrew
9th – Keith
10th – Nathan
11th – Dan I.
12th – Dan S.
13th – Jo

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