7/22 event, 7/29 event, 7/26 Lafayette tournament

7/22 event
Sorry, I slacked off and hadn’t gotten to this yet. For lack of a better idea, I think we will just do another “last man standing” style tournament, this time on the “Williams Street” machines. This includes Demo-Man, Medieval, Creature, Funhouse, Twilight Zone, Theatre, Terminator 2, Adams Family, Revenge from Mars and Star Wars. Event starts at 7:30 P.M., if we run late (9:30 P.M.), then we will continue it on another day.

7/29 event
Unless someone has a better idea, I think we will do another “last man standing” for next week, but this time with the Sterns / Data East / Sega games: Family Guy, Avatar, Tron, Transformers, Monopoly, Rolling Stones, South Park, Guns N Roses.

7/26 Lafayette Tournament
Another reminder that Saturday 7/26 is the Project Pinball – Lafayette charity tournament as listed on the IFPA calendar.



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