Spring Season 2016 Week 1 Games Announced!

Games for Week 1 of the Spring 2016 Season are Captain Fantastic, Demolition Man, Game of Thrones Premium, Harlem Globetrotters, and Metallica Premium…….

Hey look at that, those are the same games as in Super-Selfie League for the month of April…..I suppose for this week we will play the games as they sit including extra balls then so that we can get everyone’s scores added into the Super-Selfie League as well!

Scoring differences for this season:

1st=4 points

2nd=3 points

3rd=2 points

4th=1 point

We have done away with the bonus points for this season for having any sort of top score on the night, I REPEAT NO MORE BONUS POINTS! We will continue to drop your two lowest weeks from the 8 week season. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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