Congrats to Everyone! League Final Standings!

Here are your final standings from league this season! The season total includes the points from your best 6 weeks of league, your Flip Frenzy wins, and finals bonus points for the top 4 players from the Flip Frenzy that played in the Championship! Thank you to everyone who came out and played all season long.

Congrats to Tommy for winning the season and the Flip Frenzy tonight, and congrats to Casey for winning the Championship game on Baywatch!

Remember we start our next season of league just next week! Again we will only be playing on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month (May, June, July, & August). Everyone is welcome to come out and play!

We also have Foo Fighters launch parties this Sunday and next Sunday! This week is the open Foo Fighters Launch Party anyone 21+ can come and play, and then the following Sunday, May 7th is our first official Belles and Chimes event as we will have an all ladies Foo Fighters Launch Party!

PLAYERRESULTSeason Total#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8TOTAL6 Week TotalFlip Frenzy WinsFlip Final Pts.
1Tommy Skinner148201822162020262817013693
2Paul Earwood132101418241616281614211895
3Brett Maxwell1302424122222221641461300
4Danielle Alexander121161818201622101813811281
5Austin Hill120161822182414221341200
5Emma Giron120222216141414281301164
7Dan Trapp11822181812181818121361126
8Michael Alexander IN11620241614122016201421160
9Jesse Sanders1141082024142020161321140
9Michela Phillabaum114221022131624141211113
10Casey Taylor11312181812141418161229887
11Ryan Garriott1101418202212148161241046
12Tony Giron10920121018161620121241027
13Spencer Armes10722201622814131151070
14Michael Wertz10610161418281481081006
15Rick Dunkin1002412181616141001000
16Lindsey Sickler10012246814161218110964
17Josh Pierson981610814182416106980
18Brayton Businger851214181414880805
19Macy Smith7112141322869692
20Brittany Strange5410812841254540
21Keith Alyea52242852520
22Christina Wilson51101881046465
23Mark Uncapher38122638380
24Jarrett Morrow371681337370
25Charley Fischer34221234340
26Curtis Jarrard331016733330
27Amanda Akers321081028284
28Natalie Nonos262626260
29Sam Taylor22810422220
29Jen Ruper222222220
30Cole Jarrard191919190
31Jason Phillabaum141414140
32Faith Zettler66660

AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT! We should also have several new games arriving in time for next season!

Finals Tonight 8:30 PM! League Standings Heading into Finals!

Hey Everyone!

This is our last night of the Winter/Spring Season! We will have Flip Frenzy at 8:30 PM, we will play for 90 minutes, each win being added to your season point total. The top 4 players from the Flip Frenzy will then play one final random game using 7-5-3-1 scoring and those points will also be added to your season point total.

PLAYERRESULT6 Week Total#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8TOTAL
1Tommy Skinner1362018221620202628170
2Brett Maxwell130242412222222164146
3Austin Hill12016182218241422134
4Paul Earwood1181014182416162816142
5Michael Alexander IN1162024161412201620142
5Emma Giron11622221614141428130
7Jesse Sanders114108202414202016132
8Dan Trapp1122218181218181812136
8Danielle Alexander1121618182016221018138
10Michela Phillabaum11122102213162414121
11Spencer Armes1072220162281413115
12Ryan Garriott104141820221214816124
13Tony Giron1022012101816162012124
14Rick Dunkin100241218161614100
14Michael Wertz1001016141828148108
16Josh Pierson981610814182416106
16Casey Taylor981218181214141816122
18Lindsey Sickler9612246814161218110
19Brayton Businger801214181414880
20Macy Smith6912141322869
21Brittany Strange5410812841254
22Keith Alyea52242852
23Christina Wilson46101881046
24Mark Uncapher38122638
25Jarrett Morrow371681337
26Charley Fischer34221234
27Curtis Jarrard331016733
28Amanda Akers281081028
29Natalie Nonos262626
30Sam Taylor22810422
30Jen Ruper222222
32Cole Jarrard191919
33Jason Phillabaum141414
34Faith Zettler666

Week 7 Pinball League Thursday Night at 8:30PM!

Hey everyone! Come on out Thursday, April 6th for Week 7 of pinball league! Anyone can still play!

Important Dates this month, April 6th Week 7, April 20th Week 8, April 27th Finals! Finals will have a slightly new format to maximize the league WPPR Value!

Here are the current standings!

RankingsPLAYERRESULT#1#2#3#4#5#6TOTALWeekly Avg.
1Brett Maxwell9224241222222212621
2Tommy Skinner8220182216202011619.33333333
2Austin Hill8216182218241411218.66666667
4Spencer Armes802220162288817.6
4Michael Alexander IN8020241614122010617.66666667
6Danielle Alexander7816181820162211018.33333333
6Jesse Sanders78108202414209616
8Dan Trapp7622181812181810617.66666667
8Michael Wertz7610161418288617.2
10Rick Dunkin7424121816168617.2
10Ryan Garriott7414182022121410016.66666667
10Paul Earwood741014182416169816.33333333
10Emma Giron7422221614148817.6
14Michela Phillabaum7322102213168316.6
15Tony Giron702012101816169215.33333333
16Lindsey Sickler6612246814168013.33333333
17Casey Taylor641218181214148814.66666667
18Macy Smith61121413226115.25
19Brayton Businger6012141814147214.4
20Josh Pierson581610814186613.2
21Brittany Strange42108128412549
22Mark Uncapher3812263819
23Charley Fischer3422123417
24Curtis Jarrard33101673311
25Christina Wilson2810182814
26Keith Alyea24242424
27Sam Taylor228104227.333333333
28Cole Jarrard19191919
29Jarrett Morrow16161616
30Amanda Akers10101010
31Faith Zettler6666

Week 6 of Pinball League Tonight at 8:30!

Hey everyone! I know we will have the basketball games on for those of you wanting to watch the tournament! Come down and play for week 6 of League! Below are the current standings! Also we just scheduled our Foo Fighters Launch Party for April 30th at 2PM! And this Sunday is our Monthly 4-strikes tournament for March so come on out and play in the tournament that starts at 2PM, feel free to show up early for some practice since the doors will open at noon!

1Brett Maxwell70242412222210420.8
2Spencer Armes64222016228020
2Austin Hill6416182218249819.6
4Tommy Skinner6220182216209619.2
5Michela Phillabaum6022102213168316.6
5Michael Alexander IN6020241614128617.2
5Ryan Garriott6014182022128617.2
5Emma Giron60222216147418.5
9Rick Dunkin5824121816168617.2
9Dan Trapp5822181812188817.6
9Jesse Sanders581082024147615.2
9Paul Earwood5810141824168216.4
13Danielle Alexander5616181820168817.6
14Tony Giron5420121018167615.2
15Casey Taylor5012181812147414.8
15Lindsey Sickler50122468146412.8
17Macy Smith49121413226115.25
18Josh Pierson481610814186613.2
18Michael Wertz48101614185814.5
20Brayton Businger46121418145814.5
21Mark Uncapher3812263819
22Charley Fischer3422123417
23Curtis Jarrard33101673311
24Brittany Strange301081284428.4
25Christina Wilson2810182814
26Keith Alyea24242424
27Sam Taylor228104227.333333333
28Cole Jarrard19191919

Week 5 of Pinball League Tonight @ 8:30 PM!

Hey everyone, its pinball league night! Play will start right around 8:30. I got the parts delivered to hopefully fix Cheetah and Congo before we get started this evening. See everyone there tonight!

Here are the approximate standings as I wait to finalize a couple of groups from last week pending I can get Cheetah up and going!

RANKPLAYERStandings#1#2#3#4TOTALWeekly Avg.
1Brett Maxwell48242412228220.5
2Ryan Garriott46141820267819.5
3Michela Phillabaum44221022106416
3Michael Alexander IN44202416147418.5
3Emma Giron442222166020
6Rick Dunkin42241218167017.5
6Spencer Armes422220165819.33333333
6Tommy Skinner42201822167619
6Paul Earwood42101418246616.5
10Dan Trapp40221818127017.5
10Austin Hill40161822187418.5
12Tony Giron38201210186015
12Danielle Alexander38161818207218
12Jesse Sanders3810820185614
12Mark Uncapher3812263819
16Casey Taylor36121818126015
16Lindsey Sickler361224685012.5
16Macy Smith361214224816
19Charley Fischer34221264013.33333333
19Brayton Businger341214204615.33333333
21Michael Wertz321016164214
22Josh Pierson3016108144812
23Christina Wilson2810182814
24Curtis Jarrard2610162613
25Keith Alyea24242424
26Brittany Strange2210812104010
27Sam Taylor188104227.333333333

Week 4 of Pinball League Tonight at 8:30PM!

Get those quarters ready and head down to North End Pub for week 4 of PINBALL LEAGUE!!!!!

Here are the updated standings after 3 weeks! See everyone tonight!

If you can’t make it but want to be placed in for make up games please let me know and also send me your game choice, thank you!

PlayersStandings#1#2#3TOTALWeekly Average
Brett Maxwell242424126020
Michael Alexander IN242024166020
Tommy Skinner222018226020
Dan Trapp222218185819.33333333
Austin Hill221618225618.66666667
Rick Dunkin242412185418
Michela Phillabaum222210225418
Ryan Garriott201418205217.33333333
Danielle Alexander181618185217.33333333
Casey Taylor181218184816
Emma Giron2222224422
Spencer Armes2222204221
Lindsey Sickler24122464214
Tony Giron202012104214
Paul Earwood181014184214
Jesse Sanders20108203812.66666667
Charley Fischer2222123417
Josh Pierson16161083411.33333333
Brittany Strange12108123010
Christina Wilson1810182814
Michael Wertz1610162613
Curtis Jarrard1610162613
Brayton Businger1412142613
Macy Smith1412142613
Keith Alyea24242424
Sam Taylor10810189
Mark Uncapher12121212

Week 3 of Pinball League Tonight! North End Pub at 8:30 PM!

Here are the standings through two weeks! Remember that league meet for 8 nights, and your best 6 count in the standings! Since the lowest two weeks are dropped right now it looks like we all have 0 points but if you look at the total on the far right column that is what we will be using for groups tonight. See everyone there at 8:30! If you can’t make it tonight but will be able to come down and play your make up games let me know so I can get you in the correct group! Thank you!

League meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month each month! The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the months will be separate tournaments!

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played in pinball league this past season, our Amazing Race on Saturday, and our Monthly 4-Strikes tournament today! It was great to play with so many people!

We will be back with our Pinsgiving Tournament / Party on November 17th! December we will have a different tournament format each week on Thursday night!

Also this week we will be announcing more information about our 3rd Annual 12-Hour Charity Pinball Event! We will tie in some tournaments this year as well as the stream as we have done the past two years as we raise money for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and help get beds to kids in our own community that need them!