Main Street Amusements Monthly Tournament Series

On the Third Tuesday of each month, Main Street Amusements will host a 3-Strikes Knockout tournament. The Tournament starts at 8:00 PM sharp. These tournaments are separate from the league–players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to play.

The tournament is run through an app called Brackelope.  You are paired against a random player on a random game. You continue to play until there is only one player left without 3 losses. There is a $5 entry fee to play in the tournament and all money collected is paid out to the top 4 finishers. Coin drop is still required for all games at the arcade during tournament play.

2017 Tournament Dates:

January 17th – Winner Matt Peace

February 21st – Winner Tommy Skinner

March 21st – Winner Presented by Sun King Brewery – Matt Peace

April 18th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Matt Peace

May 15th- Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Matt Peace

June 20th –Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Craig Farner

July 18th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Tom Vandenberg

August 15th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Ron Languell 

2016 Tournament Dates:

January 19th – Winner Bob Skinner

February 16th – Winner Keith Alyea

March 15th – Winner Tommy Skinner

April 19th – Winner Tom Vandenberg

May 17th – Winner Tommy Skinner

June 21st – Winner Tommy Skinner

July 19th –Winner Tommy Skinner 

August 16th – Tom Vandenberg

September 20th – Tom Vandenberg

October 18th – Tom Vandenberg

November 15th – Keith Alyea

December 20th – Mark Uncapher


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