Main Street Amusements Monthly Tournament Series


On the Third Sunday of each month, Main Street Amusements will host a tournament. The Tournament starts at 7:30PM sharp. Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to play.

The tournament is run through Match Play Events.  Every tournament has a $1 entry fee to cover the IFPA registration fee making it an official tournament where you can earn World Pinball Player Ranking points (AKA WPPRs). The tournaments will feature group knockout format, meaning you play in groups of 4. The two lowest scoring players on a machine will receive a strike. You continue playing until you get 4 strikes at which time you are eliminated. The tournament runs until there is one player left.

These tournaments will now all be part of the Indianapolis/Lafayette Circuit Series. Points will be earned by playing in each of the events held at a different location each week of the month (Tappers, Fountain Square Brewery, Main Street Amusements, and North End Pub). Every six months the top players from the series are invited to play in an exclusive finals event!


January 20th –

February 17th –

2018 Tournament Dates:

January 16th – Winner Mike Burgess

February 20th – Winner Tommy Skinner

March 20th – Winner Tom Vandenberg

April 17th – Winner Tommy Skinner

May 15th – Winner Tommy Skinner

June 19th – Winner Tommy Skinner

July 17th – Winner Tom Vandenberg

August 21st – Winner Matt Peace

September 18th – Winner Tom Vandenberg

October 16th – Winner Keith Alyea

November 20th – Winner Keith Alyea

December 18th – Winner 

2017 Tournament Dates:

January 17th – Winner Matt Peace

February 21st – Winner Tommy Skinner

March 21st – Winner Presented by Sun King Brewery – Matt Peace

April 18th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Matt Peace

May 15th- Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Matt Peace

June 20th –Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Craig Farner

July 18th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Tom Vandenberg

August 15th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Ron Languell 

September 19th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company –Chris Gartland

October 17th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company – Matt Peace

November 21st – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company – Tommy Skinner

December 19th – Winner Presented by  Lafayette Brewing Company – Tommy Skinner

2016 Tournament Dates:

January 19th – Winner Bob Skinner

February 16th – Winner Keith Alyea

March 15th – Winner Tommy Skinner

April 19th – Winner Tom Vandenberg

May 17th – Winner Tommy Skinner

June 21st – Winner Tommy Skinner

July 19th –Winner Tommy Skinner 

August 16th – Tom Vandenberg

September 20th – Tom Vandenberg

October 18th – Tom Vandenberg

November 15th – Keith Alyea

December 20th – Mark Uncapher


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