Main Street Amusements Monthly Tournament Series

Main Street Amusements will host Selfie Tournaments, October, November, and December! October finals are November 7th, November finals are December 5th, and December finals are December 19th. Games will be marked with signs at Main Street Amusements. Finals will be a knockout format. Top 4 or 8 players get invited to participate depending on the number of total qualifiers.

On the Third Tuesday of each month, Main Street Amusements will host a tournament. The Tournament starts at 7:30PM sharp. These tournaments are separate from the league–players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to play.

The tournament is run through Match Play Events.  During the first hour, you are paired with a random player, on a random classics game (solid state or EM, no DMD games). After all players have finished their games, the next round will start matching you with a new player in a new game. There is a $5 entry fee to play in the tournament all $5 goes into the prize pool.  Coin drop is still required for all games at the arcade during tournament play. After the one hour of qualifying, players are put into a group of 4, and they will play 3 games with that group scoring 3,2,1,0 points for each game. All games are eligible to be chosen during finals. The winner from each group claims the prize of $20, or less if there is a group that doesn’t have 4 players. Essentially everyone now has a chance to win prize money at the tournament every month instead of just the top 4 finishers. This format should be more inclusive and fair, and ideally more fun for everyone.

2018 Tournament Dates:

January 16th – Winner Mike Burgess

2017 Tournament Dates:

January 17th – Winner Matt Peace

February 21st – Winner Tommy Skinner

March 21st – Winner Presented by Sun King Brewery – Matt Peace

April 18th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Matt Peace

May 15th- Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Matt Peace

June 20th –Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Craig Farner

July 18th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Tom Vandenberg

August 15th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company -Ron Languell 

September 19th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company –Chris Gartland

October 17th – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company – Matt Peace

November 21st – Winner Presented by Lafayette Brewing Company – Tommy Skinner

December 19th – Winner Presented by  Lafayette Brewing Company – Tommy Skinner

2016 Tournament Dates:

January 19th – Winner Bob Skinner

February 16th – Winner Keith Alyea

March 15th – Winner Tommy Skinner

April 19th – Winner Tom Vandenberg

May 17th – Winner Tommy Skinner

June 21st – Winner Tommy Skinner

July 19th –Winner Tommy Skinner 

August 16th – Tom Vandenberg

September 20th – Tom Vandenberg

October 18th – Tom Vandenberg

November 15th – Keith Alyea

December 20th – Mark Uncapher


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