Congrats to Chris Gartland, September Monthly Champion!

Chris claimed his first monthly title last night outlasting Kim Coghill in the final on Creature from the Black Lagoon. I came in 3rd with Mike Burgess rounding out the top 4 finishers.

We were also joined by Randy and AJ Marsh along with Joe Funcannon who all drove a few hours to participate and we greatly appreciate it. Be ready for next month’s tournament as we stick with the 3-strikes format, but change it to group play instead of head to head.



Reminder Monthly 3-Strikes Tournament Tonight! 8PM!

A reminder that our monthly 3-Strikes tournament will take place tonight at MSA! 8PM start time, $5 registration fee, all prize money goes to top 4 finishers. This will conclude the busiest 7 days of pinball ever I think.

Main Street Amusements will open up at 7 PM like usual but will shut down following the conclusion of the tournament tonight.

Hope to see everyone there!

Main Street Mayhem II! Results and Thank You!

2017 Mayhem sticker

WOW! What a long, but great, weekend of pinball! A huge huge huge thank you to Dan at Main Street Amusements for providing us with an absolutely amazing location to host this tournament. Another big thank you from me to all of you who came out and played this past weekend. We had players from Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas! The tournament featured 4 players in the IFPA top 100, 12 total in the top 300, 2 brand new players to the IFPA, and a bit of everything in between. Overall I felt like the event ran very smooth from start to finish, and I greatly appreciate the respectful behavior demonstrated by all the players over the course of the weekend. Here is the Match Play link to the results from Saturday’s 7 rounds of qualifying.

Congrats to our repeat champion Trent Augenstein! Fred Richardson who got into the tournament late from the waitlist ended up in 2nd. Sunshine Bon visiting all the way from Atlanta came in 3rd, and the young gun from Chicago, Zachary Parks nearly upset the world coming in 4th.

In B division Art Dodd, who narrowly missed out on playing in A division losing a 4 player tie-breaker on Saturday, got his revenge by claiming the B victory. He was followed up by Lafayette Pinball League’s own Keith Alyea (who was going to skip the tournament to BBQ some chicken), with former IFPA Indiana SCS Champion Brad Smith coming in 3rd, and Northwest Indiana Pinball League’s Steven Schulz coming in 4th.


mayhem winners

From Left to Right: Keith Alyea B Runner-Up, Art Dodd B champion, Trent Augenstein A Champion, Fred Richardson A Runner-Up. Not pictured Kurt John C Champion, and Dan Isaacson C Runner-Up. (My fault as I forgot to order their plaques on time, they will be shipped to them very soon though). 


The C division title was claimed by Mr. Kurt John out of Indianapolis, trailed closely by another Lafayette native Dan Isaacson for a runner-up finish. Nate Luke out of Indy, moved up 10 spots from his 45th seeded position at the start to come in 3rd, and rounding out C was Chris Compton who swung by Indiana for some pinball on his way back to Atlanta after spending some time out west.

The final results can be seen on the Google Sheet below. The sheet scrolls top to bottom and each division is separated by a bold black line. Yellow highlighted players are those who advanced into winners bracket for round two. Green highlighted players are those who advanced to winners brackets for finals. The multicolored highlights all the way to the far right show final placements within each division.

As much fun as we all had on Saturday and Sunday, we also largely contributed to some good on Friday night. Main Street Amusements hosted a Hurricane Harvey Relief 3-Strikes Tournament. Surprisingly, to me at least, the vast majority of Mayhem participants showed up to play with 40 people total participating, and even cooler we had some people just make donations both in person and online. We were able to collect $547 to be donated to the Houston SPCA to help out with animals in the Houston area. EVEN BETTER Main Street Amusements matched and upped what we collected and will be donating $600 to the cause as well.

Again thank you to Dan and Main Street Amusements for hosting us all weekend, and thank you to everyone who came from far and wide to play this weekend. I truly hope you all enjoyed your visit to our town! If we have it again next year you are all invited back, well not Trent, but everyone else!




Main Street Amusements is hosting a charity pinball tournament tonight at 8PM. There is a $10 entry fee to play. All entry fees collected will be going to the Houston SPCA to help animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They were chosen because of their positive track record as a charitable organization and transparency levels.  The format is 3-Strikes. You will be paired with a random player on a random machine, the loser gets a strike, get 3 strikes and you are eliminated, the last person without 3 strikes is the winner!

Absolutely anyone can play, and we would love to have a ton of people so that we can make a nice donation. Main Street Amusements has offered to match whatever we can collect in donations tonight so even if you don’t want to play but would like to come and leave a donation we will gladly accept that as well. The arcade opens at 5 PM tonight so come in and get in some practice for the tournament, and have a good time while helping with a great cause.




Congrats to Matt Peace! Summer League CHAMPION!

Matt delivered himself a birthday present last night as he cruised to victory finishing both the regular season and the finals tournament in 1st place! Congrats to Matt on an amazing season, and to everyone else as well who came out and played this summer. Thank you all for another good season, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. It was awesome to have so many new faces this year, and we hope you will all be back for next season which starts October 3rd. Full results are below and you can view the completed bracket here to see round by round scores! lpl summer 2017 final results.PNG

Don’t forget to come down to Main Street Amusements this Friday for our Hurricane Harvey Charity 3-Strikes tournament!


And start spreading the word about Fall League which kicks off in under a month!

jurassicpark league posterBTTF League Poster



viking gif.gif

Seriously,  you have been training for this the last 8 weeks. You have played games every Tuesday night and left your sweat, tears, and blood on the glass (I hope none of that is true). Now your chance is here to show everyone what you are made of. Tonight you claim what is yours!


Okay, it isn’t that serious, but we do have our league finals tonight. Trophies for last season’s finalist will be awarded before we get started as well. Remember there is a $10 entry fee for this evening, and we will start as close to 7:30 as we can.

The bracket is live online and will be updated based on attendance at the start of the night.


Tomorrow night is the finals for our Summer League at Main Street Amusements! Anyone who played in at least 3 weeks of the league can participate in the tournament. There is a $10 entry fee, and all money is used for awards & trophies for the top finishers. The tournament is head-to-head, best of 3 matches and is double elimination. The tournament typically runs longer than our average league night so keep that in mind. The higher seeded player in each match gets the choice of game or position on game 1, then lower seed for game 2, and back to higher seed if game 3 is necessary. Below is the bracket if all 16 players show up, if not adjustments will be made.

LPL summer 2017 finals bracket

Secondly, on Friday evening we will be hosting a charity tournament to help raise funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. The tournament format will be 3-strikes and will have a $10 entry fee with 100% going towards an animal based charity in the Houston area. That tournament will begin at 8PM. Also, Main Street Amusements has extended hours this Friday opening at 5PM to allow for more practice time for the Harvey charity tournament as well as for Main Street Mayhem which will take place all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon as well. Right now we have a full 48 players still confirmed for the Mayhem tournament, but if anyone is interested in serving as an alternate in case a player doesn’t show up please let me know.


Lastly, Main Street Mayhem starts at 10 AM on Saturday and goes through 10 PM, Sunday is again at 10 AM and we should be wrapped up by 4 PM or so. The arcade will be closed to the public on Saturday, but open for regular hours on Sunday night. The tournament will feature 48 players including several ranked in the top 100 in the world. It features 10 rounds of matchplay format competition and has thousands of dollars in prize money to be awarded. Hopefully, you are one of the lucky participants, and if you aren’t this year then maybe you can join us next year if we have the tournament again. See everyone Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week!

2017 Mayhem sticker