August Selfie Finals Date Change! September 9th now, mark calendars!

So we accidentally scheduled the selfie finals for August on Labor Day and we realize that will not work for everyone. As a result, we are pushing it back a week to Monday, September 9th, at 6PM instead. Same format as usual. So mark your calendars, September 2nd, Labor Day, no tournament, enjoy friends and family and food…September 9th, 4 strikes Selfie Tournament Finals at 6PM! Sorry for the inconvenience.


August Selfie Standings Update!

After a visit from a few more players over the past week here are the current selfie standings for August at North End Pub! Get those scores in on Prospector, Flash Gordon, and Iron Maiden!

NEP August Selfie Standings

Also, don’t forget to get signed up for Pinquest at (their app is coming soon as well), and take on the Get Dat Pizza! Challenge anytime before the end of the month for your chance to win a Large 1-topping pizza!


More New Stuff!

Stars will be shooting off to another galaxy far far away very soon so get in your plays on it while you can! Mr. Monopoly has decided that North End Pub seems like a good place to call home so he will be replacing Stars as soon as he pulls his car into the lot!

Mr. Monopoly

Check out Buffalo Pinball video below for some tips and tricks on the newest game headed to North End Pub.


I’m back to teaching which means I’m back in town on Wednesdays now! All the machines down at North End Pub will be set to Free Play!


Order a pizza, get yourself a beer, and enjoy a long night of pinball fun!

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, sign up for an account at and start taking on our weekly challenges.


Right now we have two Quests LIVE!

  1. Get Dat Pizza – Score 750,000 on Flash Gordon, 650,000 on prospector, and 250,000,000 on Iron Maiden and you win a large 1-topping pizza of your choice! But again only if you register on
  2. Rock the Boat- This one is going to be hard! Get on Fish Tales, start the Rock the Boat mode, and get a new high score by shooting the boat as many times as you can in the mode! If you complete this quest you earn the Jaws Captain Quint Trophy! This will be the first of our many virtual trophies, win enough trophies and get entered into drawings for large prizes at a future date!


PINQUEST Comes to North End Pub!


What is Pinquest?

  • Well, Pinquest is an app that will allow you to create a profile and then see if there are pinball locations nearby that have challenges for you to partake in.

Why do I care?

  • Because North End Pub just became the latest location to join Pinquest and the only location within 100 miles that is a member!

So what?

  • Well, you can partake in the quests and earn awesome trophies, badges, and even real prizes on occasion! Plus it offers a new way for you to brag to your friends about how you are just better than them!

Pinquest Player FAQ (1).png

So to start with this first week we will have 3 quests. Check out the app, create your profile, and see if you can complete our quests! Completion of each quest will earn you a custom badge for your profile. See if you can become the King or Queen of North End Pub’s pinball scene!

NEP pinquest

More quests to come every week so stay tuned!







August Selfie Standings!

Here are the updated Selfie Standings for August so far! You have all month long to play Flash Gordon, Iron Maiden, and Prospector!

NEP August Selfie Standings

Also, we have two new machines coming within the next few weeks so look for some brand new stuff for next month’s selfie tournament!

Our next league season will kick-off on Thursday, September 5th at 8:30 PM, as usual, we will run the league for 8 weeks with your best 6 weeks counting towards the final standings. This will be the last individual season this year before we dive back into TEAM LEAGUE over the winter!

Lastly, mark your calendars, September 15th at 4 PM we will be having a Launch Party for the new Jurassic Park Pinball! I’m thinking costumes, Jurassic Park movie marathon, and more!
NEP Launch Party.png

Come One, Come All, Pinball League Finals tonight 8:30 PM!

Get down to North End Pub tonight for your shot at the Champion Keith Alyea! He has been on a dominating title reign since last season where he claimed not only the North End Pub Championship but also the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League Championship! He looks to repeat both starting tonight. The tournament will start at 8:30 PM, anyone who played during our Summer League is welcome to participate.

Winner claims the 10 lbs of silver, North End Pub Championship Title! You become the owner of the belt until the next season! Good luck and hope to see everyone there!

NEP Title Belt