Tournament on Sunday! 3 PM Start!

Hey Everyone! We will have a monthly 4-strikes tournament at North End Pub this Sunday at 3PM! Anyone is welcome to come and play, no cost to participate other than the quarters for the machines. We have 25 machines that will be in the tournament, food and drinks available from the bar all day long, and sports on the TVs. Come down and hang out and have a good time!


Pinball League Night! 8:30 PM North End Pub!

It’s that time again! Week 2 of Pinball League at North End Pub! Anyone can come and play, no cost to join, just bring some quarters for the machines. Get paired up with a group of 4 and play 4 games. Typically done around 9:30-10:00PM, food and drinks available, 25 pinball machines to choose from, sports on the tvs, NBA JAM arcade, and fun with friends!

Also be sure to check out our newest machine Hot Wheels by American Pinball!

FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY! League tomorrow night @ 8:30!

It’s the best day of the week! Get down to North End Pub for free pinball all night long! 10+ machines in the bar will be set to free play, food and drink specials, bowling, sports, wrestling, NBA Jam…so many things to do at such affordable prices.There is nowhere better to spend your Wednesday nights! Don’t forget we have league tomorrow night as well!

Don’t forget to check out our latest addition to the pinball line up Hot Wheels by American Pinball! This is only the company’s third machine and I’m really enjoying it so far. The game combines the classic Hot Wheels toys we have all grown up with with their hit stop motion animated YouTube show Hot Wheels City! The game features tons of modes, 4 different multiballs, amazing animation, Hot Wheels track inspired ramps and really great rules and scoring multipliers. We hope you enjoy it!

Here is a tutorial to learn a bit about some of the rules and strategies featuring Jack Danger of Dead Flip as well as Josh Kugler who worked on the game!

Pinball League Week 1 Results!

Hey everyone, thank you for the flexibility during our first week and having to adjust to a new scoring website. I will ask that from now on we actually write down the actual scores on the machine, and not just placement values. It isn’t a huge deal, but it gives me more data to track and helps just in case there are any mistakes to also have the scores. I’ll also be working on a quick demo of how to enter the scores yourself, but I think the paper will honestly just be the easiest and it gives me something to do in front of the computer at work. As always anyone can still come and join league at any time so feel to bring friends that want to try it out and we will get them into a group. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night!

Here are the results from Week 1! The scores displayed at the link did not include the adjusted points for Michael playing his make up games last night. I had to manually go in and manually adjust them because of something I had done incorrectly when entering the scores, but now know how to avoid that in the future. The point totals displayed below are correct for Week 1.

Here is where you can see the overall standings from each week.


I’m just a bit excited to see all your bright and smiley faces tonight at pinball league! It has been a long week at school so I’m looking forward to doing some flipping with some friends. I did get word that our Guns ‘n’ Roses machine is still about 2 months away from hitting the production line because they have sold so many of them, so we will be picking up a surprise game this weekend to hold us over this season and have it ready for week two of league!

Also fairly certain we have tracked down the last issue on Super Mario Bros. and the I just got an email telling me the part was delivered so I should be able to get it installed before league play tonight.

We will start as close to 8:30 as we can, and as always food and drinks are available. Don’t forget to bring your mask and do your best to sanitize and socially distance yourselves.

League Starts Thursday Night! 8:30PM!

Hey everyone! Just your reminder that we kick off league this Thursday night! Hope to see a lot of you there. Remember that we still have a mask policy so bring a mask, I’ll have hand sanitizer there, and do your best to social distance while we play! We have two new machines on order that I hope will arrive during this season, and we also added in TWD since we finished the last season up. Any questions just let me know, and feel free to bring some friends as everyone is welcome.

League Starts in 8 Days! January Monthly Tournament on Sunday the 24th 3PM!

That’s right 2021 is starting off right with a new season of pinball league, and we will be bringing you another Monthly Tournament series this year! Remember to mask up and sanitize as you play, but we want to be able to provide you with that sweet pinball relief!

League play will be Thursdays at 8:30 PM. The monthly tournament for January will take place on Sunday the 24th at 3PM. As always food and drinks are available at the bar while we play. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Reminder League Finals Tonight 8:30 PM, Flipper Frenzy Format

Just a little reminder that we have league finals tonight and are doing a timed 90-minute Flipper Frenzy Tournament to wrap up the season. I also got everyone a small thank you gift / Christmas present for playing in league this season and they were supposed to have arrived by Tuesday but the shipment tracking currently says they are delayed. I’m hoping they arrive today before the tournament but if they don’t I’ll get them to everyone as soon as I can.

If you haven’t played in a frenzy before you just play 1 vs 1, and as soon as that game is done you get assigned to play a new person 1 vs 1. Each win adds one point to your season total. If you are getting beat very badly you can just choose to forfeit and move on to the next game. If you are winning by a lot you can always just plunge your ball instead of playing it to try to get to the next game quicker. We will start at 8:30 tonight and end at no new games will start past 10:00. If you are a late that is okay you will just get added in as you arrive. Hope to see everyone tonight!

Oh and if you have been enjoying Radical! or The Simpsons’ Pinball Party get your time in on them tonight because they are both leaving on Saturday!

Flipper Frenzy League Finals Thursday at 8:30 PM! 12/17/20

Just in case you didn’t see the facebook post we will be having a 90 minute Flipper Frenzy Finals on Thursday night at North End Pub. We will get started as close to 8:30 as possible and finish at 10:00.

In Flipper Frenzy you just play against one opponent and the play is basically non-stop for the time limit. You will get one point added to your season total for each win. If you are being beaten badly you can make the choice to forfeit, or if you are winning big and you don’t think your opponent can catch you could just plunge away a ball to make the game go faster and get into your next match quicker.

We will limit the games to just the bar side in order to help keeps things going fast that night. I also have a small Christmas / Thank You gift for those of you who played in league this season that should be delivered in time for Thursday. I hope many of you can make it! See you Thursday!