Spring Season Starts in 5 Days!

Just your friendly remind that our LPL Spring 2016 season starts next Tuesday, April 12!

Will Keith defend his Winter Season Championship? Can Tommy avenge his epic finals collapse? Will Matt, Bob, or Tom make a return to championship dominance once again? Perhaps a new player will dare to enter the ranks of greats that have been Lafayette Pinball League Champion! Only time will tell……

Our season will begin at our usual start time of 7:30 PM on Tuesdays at Main Street Amusements. We will continue to take the 3rd Tuesday of every month off to host a 3-Strikes Knockout tournament at Main Street Amusements! We will also continue to use PinPortal to run our league software. If you do not have your login information for PinPortal, let me know and I can get you taken care of. We will again play a 8 week schedule followed by a finals tournament at the end of season. Please invite some friends on down to join the league as well, we would love to see it grow.


The Season Schedule is listed below!

  1. 4/12/2016
  2. 4/26/2016
  3. 5/3/2016
  4. 5/10/2016
  5. 5/24/2016
  6. 5/31/2016
  7. 6/7/2016
  8. 6/14/2016
  9. 6/28/2016 FINALS TOURNAMENT $10 Entry Fee

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