Congrats to Tom Vandenberg April Monthly Tournament Champion

Congrats to Tom on a great showing last night in winning the April Monthly Tournament. He defeated Dan Isaacson in the finals. Dan made it to the finals with two strikes while Tom had only one. Dan was able to win the first game on Eight Ball Deluxe as Tom fell victim to the dreaded EBD House Ball bringing both competitors even with two strikes apiece. The deciding game ended up being the newest one to the floor at Main Street Amusements in Space Shuttle! Tom was able to fly further into space than Dan and secure the victory. Craig was able to make and epic ball 3 comeback on Family Guy over Matt to put them at 3rd and 4th place finishes respectively, albeit not without a bit of controversy as a late game change was made off of Game of Thrones due to a public customer playing on that machine. We were also greeted with our first international participant in Torsten Eid who joined us all the way from Germany! This was Torsten’s first tournament and it was wonderful to get to meet him while he was in town on business. We hope he will make it back in the near future. Full results below.

MSA Monthly April 2016 Results submitted and approved by IFPA this morning.
3x Knockout
Bracket Placement: Random
Arena Draws: Balanced

12 Players
36 Matches
13 Arenas

1 Tom Vandenberg
2 Daniel Isaacson
3 Craig Farner
4 Matt Peace
5 Keith Alyea
5 Cody Gartland
7 Chris Gartland
7 Tommy Skinner
9 Torsten Eid
9 Dan St. John
11 Joe Stamper
11 Ben Hatfield

Amigo (3 plays) (11:17 average time)
Bobby Orr Power Play (3 plays) (4:46 average time)
Captain Fantastic (3 plays) (6:31 average time)
Eight Ball Deluxe (3 plays) (6:12 average time)
Family Guy (5 plays) (10:18 average time)
Game of Thrones Premium (4 plays) (10:01 average time)
Getaway (1 plays) (9:03 average time)
Harlem Globetrotters (3 plays) (7:32 average time)
Revenge From Mars (1 plays) (8:22 average time)
Space Shuttle (5 plays) (9:32 average time)
Spanish Eyes (1 plays) (7:53 average time)
Star Wars Episode 1 (0 plays) ((null) average time)
The Walking Dead (3 plays) (8:35 average time)

Most Wins (Over All)
Tom Vandenberg (8)

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