Week 3 for Spring Season 2016 is Tonight, April Super-Selfie Finals Tomorrow night!

Reminder for everyone that we have Week 3 tonight at 7:30 down at Main Street Amusements. Games are Medieval Madness, Monopoly, Funhouse, Eight Ball Deluxe, and Bobby Orr Power Play. Medieval Madness, Funhouse, and Eight Ball Deluxe are all in Super-Selfie league for May so go ahead and play those extra balls and we will include those scores into both leagues for everyone.

Also tomorrow night, 5/4/2016, we have the finals for April Super-Selfie League! Remember the format is a bit different for this as we play PAPA Style in groups of 4. The top seed in each division gets to drive the bus and choose which games the group plays for the night from the 5 that were available in April. The group plays 3 games and scoring is 4/2/1/0….we may discuss changing the scoring format to Pinburgh style 3/2/1/0 if players are interested. I will also take a roll call tonight to see who will be showing up tomorrow night so we can adjust groups as necessary. See you all tonight!


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