Saturday is the Last Night for April Super-Selfie League, May Games Announced!

Just your friendly reminder that you only have 2 more nights, roughly 10 hours of pinball, left to get in improved qualifying scores for April Super-Selfie League down at Main Street Amusements. The Finals will take place next Wednesday, May 4th. Games are Game of Thrones, Metallica, Demolition Man, Captain Fantastic, and Harlem Globetrotters. Email the pics to or text them to me at 574-596-2668.


With that being said starting on Sunday night we will officially be in May and the tournament games will change over to Spider-Man Vault Edition, Medieval Madness, The Walking Dead Premium, Eight Ball Deluxe, and Funhouse. The tournament will go live on Match Play Events Sunday morning and I will get the link posted for those of you who like to upload your own scores.


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