Week 4 Standings and Week 5 Games Announced! SELFIE LAST CHANCE!

Hey guys, another nice night for attendance! Sorry about missing the week before, it was good to be back last night, if only I had played better. Anyway Matt and Dan St. John had the dominant performances of the night coming away with 18 & 17 points respectively, while Darcy and Dan Isaacson were able to come away with the leads in their groups as well.

We are now at the halfway point of the season and as you will see in the standings your two lowest weeks have now been dropped from your overall season score. This will continue to the conclusion of week 8, and your final season point total will be composed of just your 6 best weeks.

Here are the standings!

LPL Fall 16 Week 4 Standings

Week 5 is next Tuesday, September 6th and we are going all modern for a night. Games are South Park, The Walking Dead Premium, Theatre of Magic, Tron LE, and Twilight Zone!

LPL Fall 16 Week 5 games

Lastly don’t forget tonight is the absolute last chance to improve any of  your selfie league scores and finals will be held next Wednesday, September 7th at 7:30 PM! All scores have been approved and updated so here are the standings unless someone makes a run tonight!

August selfie standings

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