Batman 66 Coming from Stern! Play at MSA Soon!

Many of you have probably already heard that Stern Pinball’s next title was announced earlier this week, and even though we are still waiting for the Ghostbusters Premium to arrive at Main Street Amusements that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about a different game as well. As has become typical we remain spoiled by the best pinball arcade owner in the country Dan St. John, as he already shared to Main Street Amusement’s facebook page that he has put a deposit down to insure that we will always be flippin on the latest and greatest games available in Lafayette. Be sure to thank Dan when you see him.

There isn’t a ton of information available for the title yet, but the biggest revelation so far will be the inclusion of a LCD screen for the display as we say goodbye to the era of DMD games. There will also be a second LCD display incorporated with the playfield as we have seen in Wrestlemania LE and Ghostbusters Premium/LE. The designer is George Gomez who is famous for Lord of the Rings and Monster Bash amongst other titles, and the coder is Lyman Sheats largely recognized as the greatest coder in pinball with titles to his credit recently including AC/DC, Metallica, and The Walking Dead. Games are expected to start shipping in November but with Stern’s recent delays I’m not going to hold my breath, regardless I’m looking forward to seeing more details get revealed on the game and can’t wait to drop some tokens or tap some PayRange screens to put some time on this machine.

If you are dying to play it and don’t want to wait for Dan’s to arrive at MSA, get yourself a ticket to Pinball Expo in Chicago this October, and also purchase a ticket to Stern’s 30th anniversary party where I am sure they will have the machine playable in addition to Adam West and other actors from the original show who are providing voice callouts for the game. The game is a collaboration between Stern and KaPow Pinball and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original Batman TV Show as well as Stern’s 30th anniversary. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see one more Stern title announced in late December, but for now it looks like this may be the last major announcement from them for 2016. Hopefully they get their assembly line back on track and games into locations and peoples homes.


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