August Selfie League Final Results!

We continued our streak of having exactly 8 players show up for the finals split between A & B divisions.

A division this month was Keith, Tommy, Matt and Tom.

B division this month was Craig, Dan St. John, Ryan, and Dan Isaacson with Ryan looking for his 3rd straight win in the B bracket.

With Craig driving the bus for B division he drove the group to Captain Fantastic, Funhouse, and Tri-Zone. Dan Isaacson came away with the win on Captain Fantastic, followed by Dan St. John, then Craig in 3rd and Ryan in 4th. On Funhouse Dan St. John stayed away from the door and found himself in 1st place, followed by Ryan in 2nd, Dan I. in 3rd and Craig in 4th. Heading into the last game, Tri-Zone, Craig had 1 point, Dan I. 4 points, Ryan 2 points, and Dan St. John 5 points. Craig would end up coming out on top on Tri-Zone to finish with 4 points good enough for 3rd place on the night. Dan I. would sneak into 2nd finishing with 6 points good enough for a tie for first with Dan St. John who would finish 3rd on Tri-Zone. In a near miss Ryan tilted away a large bonus on ball three that actually would have left him tied with Dan St. John for first but instead his B division streak came to an end and he finished the evening in 4th on Tri-Zone and overall.

The tiebreaker game was a battle of the Dans! The taller, wiser, and better Dan as he described himself came out victories as Dan St. John was the winner making him a back to back champion between the A & B divisions the last two months.

Keith had an amazing month of qualifying making him the A division bus driver. He stopped that yellow bastard on Tri-Zone, Spider-Man, and Captain Fantastic. Unfortunately the stops didn’t go great for Keith as he would take one 1st place finish on Spider-Man, and a couple of 4th place finishes on the other two games. Tom would finish 3rd on Tri-Zone, Spider-Man, and Captain Fantastic forcing him and Keith into a tie for 3rd overall on the night. They battled it out on Funhouse and Tom victorious. Matt would take a quick lead winning Tri-Zone, while Tommy managed to squeak out a second place finish with a good ball three comeback attempt. On Spider-Man the Green Goblin got the best of Matt finishing him in last place while Sandman buried Tommy to put him in 2nd place. Heading into Captain Fantastic it was still anyone’s night with all players still having a shot at victory. Matt and Tommy both had great starts on ball one breaking 40k and 60k respectively. A house ball on ball 2 seemingly damned the evening for Matt, but not before he made a massive comeback on ball 3 tallying up 96k+ points. Tommy started ball 3 with 91k and crossed his fingers in hopes a dreaded house ball wouldn’t crush his evening. In the end he managed to take down a few drops and add a few pop bumpers to come away with the clean victory on the night finishing with 110k on the game.

Thanks for another awesome month of Selfie League, don’t forget you can play your September Selfie League games anytime MSA is open. The games for September are Fire, Eight Ball Deluxe, South Park, Game of Thrones Premium, and Transformers LE! FullSizeRender

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