Main Street Mayhem is a SUCCESS!


First off thank you so much to Dan St. John for allowing us to have this event at Main Street Amusements! Secondly thank you to everyone who traveled to play in the tournament, we had the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Colorado represented by the different players. Some of you made long trips to come and play, without you guys and gals we wouldn’t have had the tournament so I can’t thank you enough. In addition the conduct of the players throughout the tournament; keeping your cool in stressful situations, handling game issues with patience and courtesy, and general respect towards one another as competitors made it one of the best tournaments I have been a part of. A big thank you to Double Danger Pinball, they took care of our logo design, sticker, shirt, and award printing as well. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I heard from participants about how much they liked all the stuff. Be sure to check out their website and order some pinball swag as they are top notch guys all around. If anyone is interested in ordering a Main Street Mayhem shirt, we still have a few XL & 2XL left that can be purchased directly from me.

As many of you were made aware last week Dan decided to put some cause behind our tournament and he would be donating all coin drop from the entire weekend to Natalie’s Second Chance, a no kill animal shelter in Lafayette, and in addition to that he would be matching the coin drop to double the donation…..then on Sunday he even one upped that saying he would not only match the coin drop, but then round-up to the next thousand dollar amount! As of roughly 7 PM last night that meant Dan and Main Street Amusements was going to be donating at least $3000 to Natalie’s!!!! That makes me incredibly happy that we were able to take a hobby that we all have a passion for, and use it to contribute to a great cause. Again, Dan, thank you for your kindness and charitable acts with the tournament and for providing us with such an awesome location to play some pinball.

Overall the tournament ran very smooth and from what I could tell everyone seemed to have a very good time playing. We hope to make this an annual event in the future, so if you had fun let some friends know about it, and help us to build the reputation of the tournament.

The winner was no surprise as Trent Augenstein, #12 ranked IFPA player in the world, came away with the title in A division, but it wasn’t without a challenge. Lafayette’s very own Craig Farner, who had to sneak into A division with a late night playoff game on Saturday just to get the 16th seed, took Trent all the way to the  very last game of the finals before falling just short of the upset. Myself, Tommy Skinner, took third, and Darren Kamnitzer rounded out the top 4 for A Division. In B division Stuart Nyswonger came away with the clean victory and left behind three players in a tie for second place; Sam Bean, Nick Beach, and Mark Uncapher. The three players came to an agreement on splitting the prize money for 2nd-4th place in B, but did play a one game playoff to determine finishing positions. Mark Uncapher finished runner-up, 3rd went to Sam Bean, and 4th went to Nick Beach. img_7892

All results from the tournament have been submitted to the IFPA and should be available for your viewing pleasure sometime this week.

Standings and Results from Day 1 of Qualifying can be viewed here thanks to MatchPlay Events! Click on a player’s name to see their round by round and game by game results.

Results for the finals were all done on a live google sheets spreadsheet and it is available here.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped contribute to making this event such a success and I truly hope you all had a great time.

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