LPL Winter 2016-17 Schedule Released!

Hey Guys! What’s that? We aren’t even done with fall season and Tommy is already talking about winter?! Yeah I am, mostly because with the holiday season coming up, and the fact that I almost forgot to register our fall season with the IFPA I really wanted to make sure that I got this all taken care of ahead of time.

I have made a slight change to the winter season and that is expanding it to 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks. The reason for this is because I assumed around a few of the holidays we may get some light attendance and I wanted to make sure everyone still had the opportunity to show up for the minimum requirement of 3 weeks. It also worked really well within the actual calendar letting our season run for the entirety of November, December, and January pretty much perfectly and gives us a slight break before the State Championship Series in February.

Here is the schedule, and yes I have already submitted it to the IFPA for official approval.

League Calendar Online


LPL Winter 2016-17 Schedule.PNG

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