Reminders tonight league 7:30, tomorrow selfie finals 7:30, Sunday The Big Lebowski Launch Party and Pingolf Tournament

So obviously this is a very busy pinball week at Main Street Amusements! Tonight’s games for league are Star Trek, Star Wars, Space Shuttle, The Big Lebowski, and Theatre of Magic. lpl-winter-2017-week-5-games

Selfie Finals are in groups of 4 based on the rankings below! Show up, play 3 games, leave with a pocket of pride and joy in the beating you have given your opponents, oh and some WPPR points.


And then Sunday Funday will have two tournaments running simultaneously.

The Big Lebowski Launch Party which is $10 entry fee + coin drop, unlimited attempts. 4 highest scores will meet in a one game playoff to claim the prize money and awards. Finals will be at 7:00 PM pending the conclusion of the PinGolf Open.

The Obviously You’re Not a Golfer PinGolf Open will be running as well. This tournament also has a $10 entry fee + coin drop on the machines. Tee times start at 12 noon, and you may not begin your golf round after 4 PM. All golf scores must be completed by 5:55 PM. Finals for PinGolf will begin promptly at 6:00 PM. Cash payouts and awards to the final four.


Scorecard for golf is below. Rules are explained on the card, but any further questions or concerns let me know.

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