Congrats to Tom and Dan!

Despite the cold and shitty weather, game malfunctions, and middle of the night hand crafted trophies yesterday’s tournament was still a pretty huge success. Congrats to Tom Vandenberg for winning the “Obviously You’re Not a Golfer” PinGolf Open taking down #17 in the world Jason Werdrick in the finals, with Matt Peace and Bob Twichell finishing tied for 3rd!


The Lebowski Launch was able to take off due to some game issues, so we moved the launch over to a Ghostbusters Premium Launch! Dan Isaacson rode the perfect blend of White Russians into the finals and continued the success for the Lafayette Pinball League players taking down Jason again in the finals for the Ghostbusters Launch Tournament and claiming the prize of the Ringer with dirty whites! Jason finished second and took home the bowling trophy topper bottle opener. Tommy Skinner finished in 3rd winning the Folgers coffee can of Donny’s ashes, and in 4th place was Stuart Nyswonger taking home some Creedence Clearwater Revival tapes from the Dude’s car. Photo unavailable do to complete and utter lack of organization on Tommy’s part at the end of the day.

Highlight of the day was Bob Twichell’s hole in one by reaching Warp 9.9 on Star Trek Premium in the semi-finals! I wish I had been smart enough to record it as it was happening, but regardless it was awesome.

Thanks to everyone who braved the harsh weather and made it out to the tournament!

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