Week 2 Results

Another good showing, and again two new participants thanks to Michael and Danielle for showing up and playing in league with us, we hope you all come back for some more pinball in the future. Below are the full results from week 2. Reminder that next week, 3/21/2017, is our monthly 3-strikes tournament brought to you by Sun King Brewery with a $5 entry fee. All entry fee money is paid back to the top 4 finishers and we will have prizes provided by Sun King as well.  Week 3 will take place on 3/28/2017 and the games are listed below.

lpl spring 2017 week 2 results.PNG

3/21/2017 Monthly 3-Strikes Tournament!


Games for Week 3, 3/28/2017 are Funhouse, Game of Thrones Premium, Harlem Globetrotters, King of Diamonds, and Laser Cue.

lpl spring 2017 week 3 games


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