REMINDER! It’s League Night! 7:30 @ MSA!

Just your friendly reminder that it is League Night! Get on down the Main Street Amusements and be ready to play some pinball. Here are the games for tonight, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Tron LE, Captain Fantastic, and Harlem Globetrotters.

lpl spring 2017 week 5 games

Hoping we can have awesome attendance again and keep up the 5 groups just like last week.


Also another reminder that the following Tuesday, April 18th, Lafayette Brewing Company is sponsoring our 3-Strikes Monthly Tournament! A huge thank you to Lafayette Brewing Company, they have donated prizes for the tournament that include (1) Lafbrew disc golf disc, (1) Brewhouse Soda Growler & fill coupon, (4) Lafbrew pint glasses, (1) Lafbrew t-shirt, and (5) Lafbrew stickers! The biggest news is that they have also agreed to come on as sponsor for the remainder of our monthly tournaments this  year! Details are still being worked out about what exactly this will mean, but I think it is awesome to have them on board for support. Be sure if you need to get a pre-game meal or drink you are checking out LBC right down the street from Main Street Amusements! Also a  brew…or two…may be in order for a post-game celebration. I know I’ll be downing a few of their Scotch Eggs myself. Remember that on the 18th we will start at 8PM and there is a $5 entry fee with all money going back to the top 4 finishers. Some prizes will be for the finalist while others will be  given out at random in between rounds so anyone can win! Bring lots of friends to participate.


Again a huge thank you to LBC!


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