Pinball at the Zoo this Thursday-Saturday

Pinball at the Zoo is a smaller pinball show and awesome tournament that takes place in Kalamazoo, MI this weekend. The show starts Thursday afternoon and runs until Saturday evening. It is held at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center and there is a ton of space so you don’t feel over crowded the whole time like at a lot of shows. The tournament is run by the Harmon family and they do an awesome job of making sure it runs smooth. On top of that all the money the tournament raises is going to Project Pinball which puts pinball machines in youth hospitals for the children to play. If you are curious about checking out a show I strongly recommend this one as a good starting point, it was my first show several years ago and I make sure I can attend every year now.

If anyone decides to make the trip up I will be staying at my family’s lake house which is about 30 minutes away and you are welcome to join.


I will be bringing my Viking pinball machine to be used in the tournament, and also my new Alien machine to be used in the free play area. I’m renting a cargo van for the weekend so if anyone needs a game brought back to the Lafayette area just let me know. Hope some of you can make it up and have a good time.

Full tournament game list is available from the tournament scoring website.


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