Congrats to Matt!

Congrats to Matt on winning the April 3-Strikes Tournament brought to us by Lafayette Brewing Company. Matt finished the night with only 1 strike, Tommy came in 2nd, Keith in 3rd, and Joe and Dan tied for 4th. A huge thank you again to Lafayette Brewing Company for their awesome sponsorship of the event. The donated prizes were greatly appreciated, and the scotch eggs before the tournament were delicious!


LBC Logo

Reminder that next Tuesday we are back to our regular league schedule and we start at 7:30 PM.

Lastly Pinball at the Zoo starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday up in Kalamazoo and it is an awesome show and tournament. There is a main tournament, a classics, a kids, and even just daily tournaments on Thursday and Friday. Lots of great games will be up there including the new Alien game by Heighway Pinball so go and check it out!


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