Main Street Mayhem II: More Mayhem!

Just wanted to start planting the seed in your brains as tickets go on sale in just over a month (June 1st) for Indiana’s biggest pinball tournament which is hosted right at Main Street Amusements!

Main Street Mayhem II: More Mayhem is a two-day matchplay tournament consisting of 7 rounds of qualifying, and 3 rounds of finals. Every player is guaranteed to play 30 games of competitive pinball over the two days of the event.  All participants receive an awesome custom designed t-shirt from Double Danger Pinball as well as a custom sticker, and everything else from your entry fee goes directly into the prize pot! Top 4 finishers in each divisions (A, B, & C) receive cash payouts, and champions get custom plaques! The official Facebook Event page was just made, the ticket website is up and running (although you can’t purchase until June 1st), and the #moremayhem is soon to be trending on Instagram, Twitter, Pinside, and Facebook so don’t miss out on the action. More details are also available on our dedicated Main Street Mayhem II page.

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