The Votes Are In!

Well the votes have been tallied and it looks like we have some results. Week 7 we will play Tron LE, Harlem Globetrotters, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Star Trek Premium, and Batman ’66.

Week 8 we will play Theatre of Magic and Medieval Madness, and then we had a 5 way tie for the last 3 games so I will do another short runoff vote between those games for the final 3 spots.

Lastly it was unanimous that we split into A & B divisions for the finals which I think is a great idea. We won’t know exactly how many will be in each division until we actually have finals night which is May 23rd. However many show up that night, the top half of rankings will go into A, and the lower half will go into B. We will try to get a guesstimate of attendance plans in the week leading up to the event. See you all tomorrow at 7:30 for regular league play!

lpl spring 2017 week 7 8 vote

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