Week 7 Results, Week 8 Survey for Games

A great turnout last night and some strong play from all of the groups as we head into the last couple weeks of the regular season. We even added another new player in Bethany, thank you for joining us, who brought our total up to 21 participants this season. Matt and Craig tied for MVP of the night as they both finished with 19 points. Full results and standings are below.

lpl spring 2017 week 7 results

In case you didn’t get the blog post yesterday, see the Facebook post, or have someone fill you in at league we now have a new web host for our scoring site so the new web address is http://portal.eastsidepinball.com , go check it out, added it to your favorites/bookmarks, and login to make sure it is working for you.

Also we must determine the remaining games for Week 8. As of right now we have Medieval Madness and Theatre of Magic, and then there was a 5-way tie for the last three spots. I created another survey so that we can choose those remaining games. Click the link or complete the survey directly below to have your vote counted.

Lastly several of you have expressed to me that 5/23/2017 may not work well for you as the date of our finals tournament. I will talk with Main Street Amusements and see if there is a better date we can use to accommodate everyone as best as possible, and get feedback from the group as well.

Thanks again for the awesome turnout last night and really this whole season. It has been great to have so many new faces join the league. Next week we will present the trophies from last season before we get started, and remember the following week on 5/16/2017 will be our monthly 3-strikes tournament.

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