Finals Night Remains 5/23/2017 as Originally Scheduled!

Alright everyone after having the survey up for a few days it seems there is no significant difference in attendance on which date finals is held for our Spring Season. As a result I’ve decided we will just play our finals tournament on 5/23/2017 as originally scheduled. I know this date didn’t work for everyone, but none of our proposed dates did so it seems best to stick with the scheduled date that we have had for three months at this point.

Finals night please arrive as close to 7PM as possible so we are sure to start right on time as finals can run a little longer than your average league night. We will split into two brackets A & B (I think this may also speed the tournament up a bit). You will be seeded in your bracket based on your points accumulated over the 8 weeks of season. You will then be paired up in a best of 3, head to head match. Higher seed gets choice on of game or position first, then lower seed for game two, and back to higher seed if there is need for a game three. It will be a double elimination bracket. That means even if you lost in the first round you could come all the way back through to the finals and still win it all. If we have an odd number of players in each bracket the highest seed(s) will get the bye. There will be trophies for the winner of each division and a cash payout for the top two finishers in each division as well. There is a $10 entry fee, and all money is paid back out to those top finishers.


Again apologies to anyone who can’t attend finals evening, but there is always next season…..speaking of which I’m going to get on scheduling that right now.

See you all next Tuesday for our monthly tournament and then see most of you the following week for finals.


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