Congrats to August Monthly Champ Ron!

We had a solid turnout for the monthly 3-strikes tournament this past Tuesday as 12 individuals competed to be crowned champion. Mike Burgess traveled all the way from the Ft. Wayne area to join us again and Chris Hill participated in his first tournament ever, thank you to both for taking the time to do that.

Unfortunately for all of us though this was Ron’s night as he swept his way all the way to the finals with 0 losses on the night. He advanced by knocking out Keith in the semifinals and would meet Craig for the championship after he had knocked me out. Craig at this point already had two losses on the night so would need to beat Ron in three consecutive games. He was able to get a win on Batman ’66, but then the comeback would be halted by Ron’s hot hands as he would then defeat Craig for the win on Game of Thrones.

Full results below:

MSA Monthly August 2017
3x Knockout
Brackelope Live:
Bracket Placement: Random
Arena Draws: Balanced

12 Players
35 Matches
12 Arenas

1 Ron Languell
2 Craig Farner
3 Tommy Skinner
3 Keith Alyea
5 Tom Vandenberg
5 Dan St. John
7 Mike Burgess
7 John Hawxby
9 Lis Hobbs
9 Chris Hill
9 Matt Peace
12 Dan Isaacson

Batman ’66 (3 plays) (12:16 average time)
Bobby Orr Power Play (2 plays) (8:03 average time)
Captain Fantastic (4 plays) (8:38 average time)
Firepower (2 plays) (7:25 average time)
Game Of Thrones (3 plays) (9:12 average time)
Medieval Madness (3 plays) (8:10 average time)
Metallica (1 plays) (8:45 average time)
Red Baron (3 plays) (8:24 average time)
Spanish Eyes (3 plays) (6:12 average time)
Star Trek Premiun (3 plays) (11:00 average time)
Tri-Zone (4 plays) (7:54 average time)
Tron (3 plays) (8:44 average time)

Most Wins (Over All)
Ron Languell (8)

MSA Monthly August 2017


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