Reminder Week 8 of Summer League TONIGHT 7:30 PM!

And it all comes down to this….the last night of the regular season and Matt and Keith enter deadlocked for 1st place but not without several others nipping at their heels in the standings. It is still anyone’s league to win! Tonight will determine the final standings which are used to seed the Finals Tournament next week.


The games for tonight were selected via the survey sent out last week and are Attack from Mars, Batman 66, Captain Fantastic, Firepower, and Tri-Zone…a nice mix of eras and gameplay summer 2017 week 8 games.PNG

Finals next week will be a double elimination tournament, all matches are a best of 3 series, with the higher seed getting the first choice of game or position. The tournament does have a $10 entry fee with the money being used to purchase awards and the remainder split as winnings between the finishers. Typically this night runs a bit longer so please be there and ready to go right at 7:30. The post tournament party is held next door at DT Kirby’s to celebrate the season.

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