A New Season, A New Way to Play!

Hey Everyone, just a quick reminder that we don’t have any league or tournament this Tuesday. It feels like we packed a month of competitive pinball into last week though so you should all be okay with your fix for another week. The fall season will kick off the following Tuesday, October 3rd, at 7:30PM. BTTF League Poster

We are going to try something new this season to allow for more player freedom. Every week instead of assigning 5 games to be played we will only assign 1 game. Week 1 game will be Avatar LE. Every player in every group will play Avatar LE at some point that night. If you are in Group 1 it will be the first game you play that night. If you are in group 2 it will be the second, and so on and so forth. avatar

Other than that each individual will get to pick which game the group plays. The only rules are that you can’t pick a game that has already been played by your group that night, and you can’t pick the same game at any point during the season. So if I were to pick Attack from Mars for week 1, I can no longer choose that game for this season. Each individual should have picked 8 different games by the end of the season (that is if you have perfect attendance). Oh did I forget to mention our new perfect attendance awards? Last seasons Dan St. John, Matt Peace, Keith Alyea, and John Hawxby all had perfect attendance!

Perfect Attendance

Hopefully that all makes sense, and if not, well I will be sure to clearly explain on Opening Night! The PinPortal app will tell us which player has the choice of game as well so no need to worry about that. Looking forward to a new season. Any other thoughts or suggestions on how to improve league please feel free to let me know. Thank you everyone, and see you in 8 days!

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