Week 1 Results

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Week 1 of the 2017 Fall Season, I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the new system that we are trying out. I know there will be a few speed bumps along the way but overall I think it still ran pretty smooth.

Here are the standings after last night. lpl fall 2017 week 1 results

Also for the first time, we ran a stream of our common game from league night which was Avatar LE. It is available on YouTube if you would like to watch yourself play feel free to check it out.

As explained last night once you have picked a game for a league night you will not be able to select that game again during the 8 week season. I know it may be hard to remember what you picked in week 1 come week 8. I created a spreadsheet where we can mark the games we have chosen. This should allow you to comment on the game(s) you picked and I can mark it formally on the sheet. It isn’t fully necessary but figured it may come in handy later in the season.Next week we will play Spider-Man Vault Edition as the common game.

spider man VE

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