Week 3 Results! Week 4 Game is The Walking Dead!

Week 3 full results are in and standings are updated. Terry Schmitt rejoins us and comes in and kicks ass putting up 16 points winning group 3 on the night. We got a new member, Mr. Jake Dickover, thanks a ton for coming out and playing with us. Hope to see you back next week! Matt edged out Tom in group 2 putting up 17 points, and in group 1 Dan St. John continued this seasons domination putting up 15 points to win the group on the night.

lpl fall 2017 week 3 results

Thanks for a great turnout, and hope to see everyone next week for week 4! It being Halloween Night I think it is only fair that we play The Walking Dead as our common game next week, kill those zombies!

the walking dead gif.gif

Here are a couple of great tutorials for The Walking Dead pinball machine.

Costumes strongly encouraged!

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