Final Standings

After it was all said and done last night Matt remained at the top of the heap claiming the #1 seed going into next week’s finals! Tom came in a clear second, followed by a three-way tie for 3rd between Dan, Tommy, and Keith who will have to play a 1 ball playoff next week for seeding. They were followed up by Craig and Dan coming in 6th and 7th. At the 8th/9th place, we have another tie between Danielle and Michael who will also need to do a one ball playoff for seeding, feel free to play that one at home guys and let us know the results. Ron, Mike, Travis, Chris, and Terry Schmitt round out the 10th-14th positions. We have 14 players eligible for the finals tournament by meeting the requirement of playing in at least 3 weeks of the season.

lpl fall 2017 week 8 results

Based on the survey tally it seems that one large bracket is preferred so we will be sticking with that format for this season’s finals. We will switch to the multiple brackets  (A & B division) next season to best adjust to the new IFPA results submission requirements.

LPL Fall 2017 finals bracket

The above bracket is a preview based on all 14 players showing up next Tuesday, December 12th for the finals tournament, and is subject to change. There is a $10 entry fee for next weeks tournament. The entry fee is used to pay for trophies and prize pool. Last season’s trophies will be presented at the finals as well.

Hope to see everyone turn out for finals next Tuesday and good luck to everyone.

Last reminder that the Tuesday after that will be our Monthly Tournament!

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