Pinball at the Zoo April 19th-21st!

Hey guys and gals, Pinball at the Zoo is coming up in just over two months, April 19th-21st. The show is one of my favorites year in and year out. There is a tournament that is run great, a nice venue with lots of space, an auction where you never know what is going to show up, Mr. Soda Pop selling all the unique beverages you can handle, and lots of games on free play both pinball and arcade.

The show is really a show for the community and as such, it relies on people bringing in games to be shared. I’ll be taking up my Total Nuclear Annihilation and Fathom for the show this year. If I have more space maybe something else as well. Bringing a game gets you into the show for free and in past years you have gotten a special t-shirt as well. I hope a lot of you will check it out and if you can bring a game to share.

Their website has a lot of basic information and if you have any other questions let me know as I can help to answer or get you in contact with those who can answer.

Image result for Pinballatthezoo

Image result for Pinballatthezoo

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