Week 5 Results, Week 6 Games, Next Week is Monthly Tournament 2/20/18

Below are the full results for Week 5 of the Winter League! Thanks to everyone who made it out to play for the evening, and remember that next week is our monthly tournament. We will play for 1 hour, as many rounds as we can, and then have finals in groups of 4 at the conclusion of the hour. Each group of 4 has prize money! Remember $5 entry fee to play next week, and we start at 7:30 just like we do for all our pinball events!

lpl winter 2018 week 5 results

Games for Week 6, which takes place 2/27/2018 are Tron, Batman ’66, Captain Fantastic, Firepower, and Power Play!

LPL Winter 2018 week 6 Games.PNG

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