The Results are in…

This week you will… Battle a demon! Fight a creature! Stave of an alien attack! Survive a possessed doll and his house of fun! And save a city from an army of villains! Bring your best flipper skills to Main Street Amusements on Tuesday at 7:30PM and become a pinball hero!

And for week 7 the winning games are…..

LPL Winter 2018 week 7 games.PNG

Only two more weeks of winter season left, March 6th and 13th. On March 20th we will have our Monthly Tournament, and then the 27th is a bye week for everything  in coordination with spring break. Our finals event for the winter season will then be held on April 3rd.

Week 8 games have also been determined as well for those that want to get in extra practice, while week 7 focuses on being a hero, week 8 is all about sci-fi, outer-space, time travel, and adventure! Thanks to all who completed the survey, see you all Tuesday!

LPL winter 2018 Week 8 games

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