And That’s a Wrap!

Our Winter Season is in the books, and what a nailbiter it was! The top 4 finished the season separated by a mere 2 points. As explained at the beginning of the season our finals will now be split between an A & B Division and based on the number of players we had participate in at least 3 weeks this season that means 6 players in each division. The full week 8 results and final season standings are below. Our finals tournaments will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd. In both A & B divisions we have a tie for 2nd place, in A division Dan and Matt, and in B division Danielle and Michael, will each have a one-game playoff to determine who gets the two seed and who gets the three seed for the tournament. Reminder there is a $10 entry fee for the finals tournament. A trophy will be awarded for the A & B Champions. Prize money is split between the top two finishers in each division. The tournament will remain a best of 3 format and double elimination as we have run in previous years with the high seed getting the game choice to start.

Thanks again to everyone who played this season so far, I hope you have enjoyed it. If there are any suggestions for changes or future improvements please feel free to let me know.   lpl winter 2018 week 8 results

Here is the bracket for the A Division.

lpl winter 2018 A division finals bracket

Here is the bracket for the B Division.

lpl winter 2018 B division finals bracket.PNG


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