Stern Iron Maiden Launch Party!

launch party iron maiden font

Just got the email that Launch Party events have to be scheduled May 4th-6th for Stern’s latest game Iron Maiden. That being the case we went with Sunday, May 6th at North End Pub, 2100 Elmwood Ave, Lafayette, IN 47904!

The tournament will start at 1PM and have a $5 entry fee. All entry fee money is awarded as prize pool to the top 4 finishers. There will also be a trophy for the winner! The qualifying will run from 1PM to 7PM and is unlimited, the cost is $1 per attempt (aka just the coin drop). Top 8 qualifiers will make the finals.

There will be 9 other machines there available for play as well while you wait in queue, food and drink specials, and lots of fun! We will also be running a month-long tournament on Indy 500 raising money for our friend Henry Duke’s charity Henry House! A great time to get in some extra plays on that game.

Hope a lot of you can make it out and any questions just let me know!

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