Reminder Monthly Tournament Tomorrow @ 7:30 PM!

Hey everyone just your friendly reminder that tomorrow at Main Street Amusements we will be having our monthly tournament! Anyone can play! There is a $5 entry fee with all money paid back to the players. The format has 1 hour of head-to-head qualifying on the classics machines, a win is 1 point, a bye is .5 points, and a loss is 0 points, automatic tie-breaking is used. After one hour we are placed into groups of 4 for finals. The high seed in each group gets to choose the games or order, all games are eligible to be chosen for finals. Each group of 4 has $20 in prize money so everyone plays the whole time and everyone has a chance to win money!

We are now officially a Stern Army location as well and Stern Pinball has been kind enough to send us some sweet prizes so we will have a translite to giveaway to the winner of A division, and some plastics and key chains for the other divisions.

Image result for stern army

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