Iron Maiden Launch Party Sunday at North End Pub 1PM -7PM!

Get down to North End Pub this Sunday to play in the Iron Maiden Launch Party! There is a $5 entry fee with all money going into the prize pool. The game is $.75 per play and you can have as many attempts as you want during qualifying. The tournament will be live on using a digital cue so you don’t have to stand in line but can instead play on the other 9 machine at the location while you wait for your turn on Iron Maiden. An Iron Maiden Plaque and translite prize for the champion, and other custom awards for the other top 3 finishers will be there as well. Top 8 players make the finals and will play in 4 player games with the top 2 from each group advancing. North End Pub has amazing pizza and great beer on tap so come hungry and thirsty. Anyone who can’t make it there to play can tune in to the Twitch Stream of the tournament.

launch party iron maiden font

After the tournament, we will be watching WWE Backlash at 8PM and everyone is, of course, welcome to stay and hang out and enjoy some wrestling!


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