North End Pub Pinball League Week 1 Results!

Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for coming out last night and giving us an amazing turnout for week 1 of season 4 at North End Pub Pinball League! We had lots of returners and lots of new faces as well giving us 18 players last night. I hope everyone had a good time and will be back for more. Remember if you do happen to miss a Thursday night, or if you have any other friends you know would like to participate but couldn’t make it last night, we have make-up Mondays where you can still get your games in for the week the following Monday (9/10/2018) in this case. Anyway results for the week aren’t final as we may have some more people get in scores next Monday but here is what the standings look like after last night!

Week 1 Results

Look forward to seeing everyone next week and again if you have questions about how things work, or rules and or strategies on specific games please feel free to ask.

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