Halloween Pinball Extravaganza Results!

Congrats to Danielle Alexander on winning Lafayette’s first ever Women’s Tournament! The ladies battled it out in a 4-strikes, only 1 strike per group format and everyone was pushed to the limit, Kerri Donohue finished in 2nd, Carla Graves in 3rd, and Peggy Coghill in 4th.

Tommy Skinner outlasted John Hawxby in a tiebreaker on Metallica to win the Matchplay Challenge, while Ryan Donohue took down Luke Sheahan in a tiebreaker for 3rd place.

The Charity Challenge games took place on Iron Maiden, Indianapolis 500, and Prospector due to Royal Rumble going down with a switch issue. Eric Fear, Ryan Donohue, and Tommy Skinner battled it out across the separate games.

  • Prospector Tommy was able to edge out Eric.
  • Indy 500 Ryan took a win over Eric.
  • Iron Maiden Ryan stomped Tommy for the victory.

With the small turnout for those lasting the entire day we have decided to let the charity challenge games collect coin drop for another couple of days and then we will get a total posted with donations being made to local charity Henry House, WWE Connor’s Cure charity for childhood cancer, and Path of Play an Autism based charity.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played and I hope everyone had a great time.

October 28th pinball flyer updated.png

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